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Agitating The Sheeple : Illusions And More Illusions by r1deforever ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   6/24/2016 12:14:58 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I voted for Brexit yesterday but I regret it.

Why ?

Like many here I am aware of the various dark forces in the world and rigging of our society that has happened and I voted to make a little difference, but the truth is not quite what people think.

Many with a non-mainstream opinion think that dark forces are hurting mankind, but this is not the truth.

Human beings for the most part are simply monkey+, they are monkeys with a little bit of consciousness. What is important for them is love, shelter, food, security, just like any animal.

The idea that you will "reveal the truth" to the world is ridiculous. It will never happen because actually human beings are not ready. They need to be looked after and organised.

And that is why they cling to their illusions. Yes they are illusions and they will shed them when they are ready.

If you are a person who can see more deeply, who can see the "truth of banking" and so on ... that's great. For you.

But don't think that shoving it in the face of a sheeple is going to help them. They are not ready and the last thing they need is the kind of agitation and fearmongering that such acts inflict on them.

If you care about sheeple you let them be in a stable situation, and only if they ask do you show them something deeper.

Anything else is a violence towards them, and they do not need it.

The other illusion is that there are "bad people or dark forces" or whatever trying to hurt mankind.

No they are not really like that.

This whole world is simply a low world, a world of the subconscious. There is no fixing it.

This world is an incubating chamber for souls who are not quite ready to break free. Let them be. Life knows exactly what it is doing. It does not need your help.

Only help someone who is interested in it.

As for you, if you are half-way out, if you know something ... then you change yourself. That is your responsibility.

Frankly watching documentaries on youtube is cheap. Don't think it means much.

Your job is to become a sage, or a christ. And until you do that job, maybe it's better to shut your mouth.

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