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CRITTER-ECTOMY NEEDED! Parasites - Gigantic Tapeworms by #210199 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/21/2016 4:15:54 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi, I need help with getting rid of Tapeworm. I think I have two large ones. I am on a protocol with my naturopath. And yes, started it on the solstice blood full moon. The worms are restless but not leaving. I need help and assistance. They are up into my head. Many that come out look like rattle snakes. I think the big ones are rattle snakes with striped bodies. They are gelatinous tapeworms with intermittent sacs of food in them that are the segments or stripes.


I started with 3 weeks of Gerson with DCA 1000 mg, which really helps with lifting bio films from the inside out. Lots of parasites came out with Gerson, the toilette bowel looked like a bowel of Jello every time but I did not associate it with parasites till a hard round ovum surfaced and I realized this was not all mucosa. I even went on Youtube and argued with many that these were not worms but mucosa. Now I know better.

Then I did intermittent CUTLER PROTOCOL ALA chelation with Gerson and coffee enemas.

I did the Hulda Clarke parasite cleanse with few results. Only long white ascaris worms came out, which were also coming out with Gerson DUE TO Gersons High CoQ10 protocol.

I did MMS for 3 weeks, up to 5 drops a day mixed with DMSO with 5 drop enemas. 8 hours per day. the Citric acid did make me very nauseous, but lots of rope worms came out and some long segments of tape worm and little tapeworms that look like rattle snakes described above. I would do applications of DMSO, 10 drops MMS and Citric acid to my skin on my head and ears and under my rib where my duodenum is to kill the biggest evil sucker. and even burned my skin but it still lives.

I have also been doing turpentine teaspoon doses with honey. 1/8 teaspoon turpentine in one Teaspoon Honey. And I have been doing applications to my ears and head of 1 teaspoon turpentine to 4 teaspoons coconut oil.

I also rub Oil or Oregano, or Theives Oil on my head and ears to fight the critters accessing my head, but it is like the big one has stretched out into the area where the little ones have been vacated.

I did a paleo diet while on MMS. But it does not suit my body. Too hard on the liver. Did coffee enemas and then hot far infrared yoga after to rinse out the Coffee. Then I would start an afternoon to evening cycle of MMS.

I was drinking smoothies with 3 teaspoons diatomaceous earth, whey protein, yogurt, billions of gut bacteria and enzymes cooked in for about 3 minutes prior to eating, with raw aloe vera plant, chlorella and blue berries blended in.

I also chewed pumpkin seeds and pineapple which provides a great grinder for the worms and nets all the eggs so they come out in the enemas.

I also do

I am continuing coffee enemas and juicing about 5 cups a day (green, orange/grapefruit/and carrot apple). I am now finishing day six of the following protocol (I weigh about 133 lbs or 62 kg):

The protocol is:
1) Praziquantel 1500mg three times per day for two days
2) Mebendazole 200mg twice per day for seven days
3) Rest the body for 7 days
4) Repeat the protocol as needed

I am mainly eating the whey protein, yogurt, diatenacious earth smoothie, juicing. Eating lots of fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds and some organic non-gmo European rhy, -- and some rice and some potatoes the odd time. Meat disgusts me.

But the big worms are more active than ever. I am on day 6 of it. I am also doing the coffee enemas and juicing . But the critters are not dying. They need to be killed. I can feel the fangs of the two things biting into me on the right and left side of my small intestine, below my duodenum. Very painful. The teeth have to be the size of a bat’s. HEEEEEELLLLLLP

HELLLLLLLP. YES, it's hell. Praying to Yahweh, Holy Spirit, God to help me. Going to have the Elders lay hands on my head.


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