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Re: Driving parasites away from the intestines by monroe444 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/21/2016 1:42:06 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I've been doing salt water and ACV enemas, followed by coffee enemas and water enemas for over a week now, maybe two, plus Paragone, and yesterday ate fresh pineapple, and every day for over a week I've been getting down at least 1 cup of dried coconut (i started with 2 cups but it's just too difficult).

I started with freezing castor oil, but then I bought cod liver oil in capsules, froze them, and have been taking about 5-6 a day.

I did 4000mg of COQ10 Sunday morning, and 400mg yesterday and 600 mg today, and during today's enemas, I saw lots of what I think were smaller flukes, tomato skin like things, and a few larger ones, and lots of fluffy stuff and some egg looking stuff.

If your stomach is weak, don't read the next part:

Does anyone get what looks like fluffy, exploded flukes? Kind of like the mother in ACV? (I'm not using the mother part of the ACV, just the clear ACV part, so this much matter cannot be the ACV itself, it has got to be parasites or something weird.) Occasionally, some of the fluffy exploded stuff looks like there's a small blood clot attached. Sorry if this is too graphic.

I think I saw lots of eggs yesterday too.

I think the PinX is just for pinworms - someone correct me if I'm wrong. They seem to be one type I don't have. I think I'm dealing mainly with tapeworm, maybe ascaris, maybe ropeworm, and definitely flukes.

Thank you for your help!


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