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Re: New to this by #210109 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   6/17/2016 10:34:33 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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thank you both kindly for your response, that is the hard part: I appear as a very clean person, my clothes are clean, my hair, I have makeup and nails done etc. and I think people around like me, I'm scared that even if they feel something they won't comment, only think bad about me... In my country people aren't direct like that, instead of commenting they would just give dirty look and indicate this with body language - and I see that body language... I can't confirm this as I don't want to appear weird and push people to tell me, I've asked couple of people and they said I don't smell, but like I said, the smell I detect is very characteristic and there's not many people who would blatantly say this. I don't know if I would (maybe now, as I know how f******g frustrating it is and the cruel truth is better than not knowing). I know that there is a slight chance it's "only" ORS but there's the fact I can smell this and body language of people around me... So I wonder, if I really smelled would my family and friends notice... :( anyone here in the same situation? Weirdly I don't care that much about bad breath bc many people have this, and if their teeth and gums aren't yellow rotten and covered in moss then I assume that it's not their fault, only a health problem, I've smelled breaths that really stank and there are those "empty stomach" breaths, and for me it's just they way body works, I'm somehow tolerant in that matter. But I don't want people to think I don't wash myself and offend them :(

And to contribute something, as I've been reading many messages about FBO and gut problems, there are few things you should remember, those aren't anyting revealing, but to help all those meds and supplements you use to work better: I've read that gut needs blood to function: staying long in positions that puts pressure on your blood vessels in your abdomen like weird positions you sit in or something will decrease blood flow to your gut and will cause less oxygen flow into cells - and that causes damage: so you should move a lot, let your gut get enough blood also try to check if you aren't clenching your abdomen muscles all the time, it's caused be stress, I know do- I now try to remember to relax my abdomen and breath deeply throughout the day, tho it's pretty hard as I'm a bundle of stress for last few weeks, and chew well, so that food gets processed well in your mouth, and use as little detergent to wash your kitchenware as possible - it also does damage, I know it's nothing but I know I often forget about this.
Oh, and try drinking nettle tea -it's natural deodorant and has all the good things in it, as well as it promotes kidney function(but if you have some kind of kidney disease you should be careful)

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