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Re: Some sort of filaria/roundworms in nose and eyes by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   5/28/2016 11:23:11 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Yes you can start low dose albendazole 200-400mg/D. Takes weeks to do anything. It us compatible with DEC, IVM, and PPZ. It slowly makes a sticky gum out of the worms intestine, but does not go far enough to kill all the parasite stages.

I had filarial hyperinfection, several I correspond with have active infections now, that are working the same course.

One gal with black spots, is doing 800mg of DEC a day, 4x200, and still sees some worms.

I found ALB takes time, but it eventually cleared the worms out of my ears.

I find papaya seed powder < 1 teaspoon a day into fruit on the bottom yogurt, clears out remaining worms in nose. It turns the inside of the worms black. I would not take papaya seed without piperazine(s), it may make the worm more active.

DEC is the preferred drug for filarial infections. Nothing better for me, when I was fighting that stage.

Others say infection in intestine keeps pumping them out, constant battle till they get the gut infection under control.

Another suspects LOA LOA, can see worm in corner of eye on the outside.

Another guy that has lost a lot of vision over the years, hits them hard with a lot of things. Still trying to break the infection, but doing a lot better.

One gal is starting the FenBen and Moxi filarial control pulses, she feels a whole lot better on the daily low dose, and will be going to monthly. She also did the single Moxi dose to try to keep a lid on the filarial pop ups.

So the bottom line is that filarial infections are easy for some with DEC and PPZ. For some, it is much harder to bring the filarial stage to 0. It can take more than a few weeks to totally control the filarial stage.

A few people have reported good things with natural piperazine herb. Not sure it slows down filaria in eye or ear, but it sure is a lot less of a problem in high doses.

To much PPZ will suck down your nitrogen stages, and cause you to loose essential nitrogen consumables. 750 - 1500mg/D is the range for PPZ.

Try taking Manganese Sulfate for a few weeks, and pulse thereafter. It defeats their enzymes.

Try taking arginase enzymes, it helps defeat their enzymes. arginase is a bit pricey, and hard to find.


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