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This is my sad story.3 years but no diagnosis by secrethero89 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/18/2016 3:48:12 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I am in the middle of the unknown.. I am lost... Don't know what to do.. I have been searching for answers for my health problems since 3 years but i always came back to zero point..

I am totally depressed and don't know what to do..

Here is my story :

I am 27 years old male. I was very health young boy before 3 years... 3 years ago, I divorced from my girlfriend and i was totally depressed at that time... After that stressful trauma, my health became awful.. Strange symptoms appeared instantly in my body..

These are the symptoms that i am suffering...

-Oily scalp,forehead,nose
-Agressive Hair Loss and Thinning
-Extreme Fatigue
-Strong Brain Fog
-Muscle Weakness
-Memory and concentration issues
-High Cholesterol
-Coated Tongue
-Dark Circles Under Eyes
-Low body temperature
-Low Blood Pressure
-Cold Intolerance
-Severe Depression
-Mood Swings
-Noisy and Frequent Bowel Movements
-Low Vitamin D3(supplemented but couldn't rise)
-Low urine PH(5.0 Acid body)

The most annoying part is hair loss.. I have lost %70 of my hair since the trauma. My scalp has an oily layer which i don't feel my scalp breathing..

I have tried dozens of remedies to heal myself but no success...

Please leave a comment if you have any opinion on my situation or you are suffering from the similar symptoms..


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