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Chemtrails and eye allergies and brain fog !?! by silon2012 ..... Chemtrails Support Forum

Date:   5/5/2016 8:55:02 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Since the late 1990's I have struggled with unremitant eye/vision issues made much worse in the spring.

I have done virtually every cleanse and natural remedy and alopathic treatment under the sun with little results

this past fall I started the Liver Flush protocol and started to notice some improvements, then spring happened, very severe allergies and brain fog, BUT only on heavy chemtrail spray days

On clear sky days I dont get bad allergies, WTF

Looking back I many of these issues began when I first started to notice changes in the skies

I am scared to admit to myself that 1) chemtrails are real and 2) that they might be the culprit behind a decade of suffering

My question is what to do on the bad spray days to mitigate the ill effects and how to cleanse my system effectively without pushing me over the edge physically or mentally

How is it possible that this can be allowed in our skies, and virtually know one notices or cares

I pray for our world


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