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Re: Page 108 by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/9/2016 11:53:14 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Just reading

Charcoal is an old method for extremely poor people around the world…….."they" used coals out of hard wood fires and simply ground it up….swallowed it or used it externally.

I read about 10 pages at a time as I take a bath, etc… I am about 1/3 the way through a book on the subject that some amish suggested to read.

The author has allot of experience, but when writing his book, he uses about 50-100+ other sources that he references to… 1 author promoting many authors and that normally leads to just allot of opinions that you have to sort through.

This author admits he really does not know how it works and that is about the only reason I continue to read his book---because so far, none of them really seem to know other than charcoal acts as a magnet for poisons and that is why medical uses it for O/D victims and I doubt that theory very much so.

"IF" Charcoal was the magnet they claim it to be---when they mix it with stuff to make poultices or once they swallowed it or for that matter, even when they mix it with dirty water----the charcoal would clog up instantly and then be worthless…….and always REMEMBER, charcoal is about as dead of a substance as you can get and the scary part is not knowing how they made it…………I know the sugar industry uses endless tons of cow bones from Australia and they never throw nothing away, so it ends up in dog food, people food and they make activated charcoal from bones……and the old history pretty much suggest the real charcoal came from hardwoods and that I would not mind, but I have zero use in putting burned bones inside my body.

As far as that goes, I have no interest in taking a bath with burned bones……..REMEMBER about 100 years ago, you had endless european idiots breaking into pyramids and robbing the bones and grinding them up and eating them with the theory they would live longer…….so there is endless crap in human health history, everything from eating their own children for the salt content…..

HOTEMA suggest the earth and all on it is nothing but concentrated sun radiation………….and they call carbon dating for a reason---CARBON.

They say no charcoal gets into your body and I would have a very hard time believing that myth…..for the fact that charcoal can actually TATTOO a person.

The author believes that when you put charcoal poultices around the stomach/back, the poultice will have urine in it and I know the body expels and takes in through our largest organ---our skin. They use charcoal in medical blood cleaning and BEST she of proof is when a child has his aquarium and uses charcoal filters he/she can make the water clear.

Activated charcoal is messy stuff, you don't want it in your house if you are going to spill it….it will stain. It is very hard to pick up.

"IF" it works as they suggest, then i can see putting it in the lbb type formulas, heavy metal formulas, infection formulas, etc…..but I would avoid bone charcoal….

They say it is dangerous to try to make your own activated charcoal….

ALL the old history of human health never used activated charcoal.

Native type history also shows the helpful want to be doctors used water therapy.

The same types suggest mixing clay with charcoal, which 100% proves they are clueless, because if you wanted to clog the charcoal up, what better way that to mix it with clay. I explored the clay books years ago and found them all to be worthless.

I am in no hurry, so those that are, explore the books of your choice and pick and choose what you want to self-experiment with.

I am guessing there is something to it based on the old idea that natives burned seaweed and ate it as medicine and the bad authors went to say that ash was iodine, which is ridiculous. The fastest way to get rid of iodine would be to burn it up in smoke. I am sure it will all go back to "MINERALS" that are used by the human body and best explained by the 1957 co-q10 theory….



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