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Re: parasites by #33957 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   3/28/2016 9:18:21 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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According to Dr. Hay that was the best M.D. surgeon in NYNY at the time; stated that Rockefeller was scared of dying and offered 1 million $$$ for anyone to save his life. He was paying g women to produce milk for him and endless other things.

When Dr. Hay learned to save his open life with orange juice, he then instructed Rockefeller and that is what the story suggest---that the old man seen that he was willing to give 1 million $$$$$ and that woke him up to the idea that he could make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from all the sick people---BUT NOT BY CURING THEM, but instead controlling sickness and the organization of all the evil people that built the medical colleges that by 1950 joined the military and replaced death by bullets to death by poisons.

Medical is organized with the chem trails that started in 1949, their medical books show the navy in the gulf with the first experimental soaring of TEXAS……medical world wide in every country are all organized with the chem trail mixture.

The dentist have been trained, the baby doctors have all been trained to create deformed / cancerous / diabetic babies / children to support the cancer industry to fulfill their duties of de=population.

The major hospitals that murder people by the thousands are commonly rewarded with an additional 400 million $$$ each year thanks to obamba's 2 trillion $$$ increase in the budget.

FREE MEDICAL to the poor is a trap! Free gov food is a trap. Gov controlled water is a huge trap. Gov controlled air affects all life on earth.

Frequencies is a tool of war….if your home is not protected, you are being zapped 24/7 365 from conception till death.

The organized are recognized by the college diplomas that enable them to buy a license and often they have to bribe those that print the licenses and join their clubs that insure all comply.

In many cities for the past 60 years, it is not what you know, but who you know and $5,000.00+ to buy an operation license….a license to rob the public.

PREDATORS are thick and proof enough the end times are nearing closer as all the good people are fading fast and the world over whelmed with evil people . All you need do is turn on any news channel and see that the Times of Nimrod have came full circle once again as has the times of Noah----when 1 language is spoken, the world accelerates as all races blend at the end. It all points to Nimrod and Noah which were "symbols".

The chemicals are specifically designed to produce males and females that don't know which they are. They enter gov and europe has organized the end of times world wide. It is no wonder that the pope's built their walls high---they created it all and know what to expect.

William Branham had but 1 message, to beware the ones that organize, they always leave out GOD and he preached his entire lifetime against the vatican as the devil source. look today and see what religion controls the governments, the news channels and how the pope's are getting more political in the end times. the popes wrote that they made a huge mistake by printing their first bible….books are their greatest tools of war, but also the trail that leads back to them as being the anti-God.

The rockefeller in question organized with the chinese emporia in 1890's and all of his family has served the chinese leaders for 120+ years now…and that lets the cat out of the bag that explains why CHINA manufactures everything and owns our $$$---all thanks to old man rockefeller himself. By the 1890's american government was taken over to evil and world war 1 was an effort to murder all the strong men in the world by design of the vatican, so cicil wars could be ended and they own the world.

World war 3 was created by 1949 via the jets and via the colleges….the blacks and whites were targeted for removal. Slave labor is the only desire of the empire that hides beneath the dirt and behind tall walls. The poor people are all being used by the so called democrats and via colleges this generation is done with working and prefers chinese and spanish slave labor, so they can live on welfare and their cell phones all their days.

Billy Branham believes he will see the end, like his dad envisioned long ago. Billy has seen thins his entire life that would strike fear in world leaders and Billy possesses the 7 scrolls his dad wrote out prior to his death. Billy has believed his entire life since his dad's death that he was to open the scrolls, that the end would happen. Billy grew up believing his Dad had conversations with God, Elijah
and the family friend was the biblical new testament Paul and his dad's pyramid head stone has the words chosen on it from Paul.

Billy watched dead people live again and watched live people die by command and watched thousands of people walk again, be healed and as well, watched ever set of new eyes his dad gave those who were born with no eyes---the stuff all the colleges on earth do their best to hide from the students…..the Hotema books are loaded with info that european colleges / museums have hidden from the public. The pope, hindu, church, gov. leaders were scared to death of William Branham. He preached they were the devil's people; those that would be on the outside at the end of time….


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