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Re: #461 you have been outed. Third graders comprehend what they read better than you by InCharge ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/7/2016 3:04:22 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Dr. Clark, the person you have been posting, and lying about what she said has put your so called higher education in the dumper. you're nothing but a phatmaceutical troll who would love to see people with amalgam, and root canals kept in their mouths where it will continue to cause health problems.

Hulda Clark addresses both the dental toxic issue as well as the parasite, but she says to address them both individually. You said people wouldn't have to clean dental work and that parasites would take care of it.

If the pharmaceutical companies are paying you they are getting screwed

Just what are these claims that Dr. Clark makes? Dr. Clark claims that much of our bad health comes from chemicals and toxins that we are subjected to on a daily basis. Among these chemicals are mercury from amalgam dental fillings and isopropyl alcohol from cleaning products and many others. She also claims that in addition to these chemicals that there are many parasites that invade our bodies and cause illness. Her solution to the problem of health is to eliminate these foreign contaminations. Remove unwanted metals and chemicals from your body, eliminate disease causing parasites, drink water to keep your body cleaned out, eat proper chemical free and parasite free foods for nutrition. What could be simpler than a clean healthy diet and a clean healthy environment?

So what is wrong with her claims? First, the claim about mercury puts the American Dental Association in a bad position. They have been telling people for years that dental amalgam is safe. It is not! Once an amalgam filling has been placed in your mouth, it starts poisioning your body. The saliva in your mouth combined with enzymes secreted by bacteria leaches mercury from these fillings and you swallow it. Additionally, mercury vapors escape from the filling and you breath them in injuring your lungs and poisioning your blood. If you have any doubt about the toxicity of mercury, I can tell you. I once dropped a mercury thermometer in the chemistry lab. They evacuated the lab and the entire building until cleanup and decontamination was completed by people dressed up in hazzard suits. The ADA has poisoned a majority of the people in this country with mercury and refuses to own up to its mistake despite the fact that european countries and others around the world now classify dental amalgam as hazardous and prohibit its use.

The second problem is with parasites causing cancer and other illness. Just pick up any good textbook on parasitology and read it. It will tell you that parasites cause cancer, intestinal disorders, liver and kidney failure, as well as many other illnesses. So why does the medical profession deny this? They will tell you that flukes mentioned by Dr. Hulda Clark exist only in Southeast Asia in order to debunk her theories. They are wrong! While many of these flukes are indigenous to SE Asia, they are not limited to that area. Many soldiers from the Vietnam war unknowingly brought these parasites back with them contaminating their families and others. Many Americans travel to Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, and Indonesia every year and bring back more of these parasites. Because these parasites were not expected to appear in the US, the medical schools have taught the medical students ( now doctors ) not to bother looking for these parasites. You can look in third grade or fourth grade health books to find out about parasites but many doctors do not even acknowlege their existance.

Maybe you can get back in the third grade to learn how to read


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