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Re: Day 8 - Identification by DancesWithWorms ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   1/29/2016 3:40:33 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hey...I know this post was done forever and a day ago but DID you ever learn what these were? I have been struggling for four years now and I know it sounds crazy but I know I'm nearing death from it. But after four years unable to identify my problem which is not just exponentially worse than anyone I've ever seen on the internet but also plagues me with symptoms that are straight from a sci fi horror movie that nobody in their right mind would believe me, in fact I'd think anyone who bought my story was crazy lol. And I've read no fewer than ten thousand accounts over the four years as its been my full time job but I need to get seriously proactive about TRYING to talk not just read. And last yes, its even worse than the boy who lost his cheek to leishmaniasis on all the pictures and TV shows. This is an easy place to start I guess and I'll see if I can't fight these then reevaluate. I described this before in a hundred searches but never got a hit. I described them in my Google search in a concise summary of what I'll say here:

If indeed these are the same as mine (one of mine, got at least 16 things I figure with multiple stages of life cycle represented, I'm harboring four or five species), this should ring a bell. I'm a smoker but only a cigarette a day, two at most.While dealing with the beginning of infestation, I'd realize how careless and messy I was with my cigarettes. My pockets were always full of tobacco,it would be all over my bed and floor, and after it covered my car AND my mothers with so much it looked like Marlboro threw a party and launched confetti made of tobacco shreds, I decided something was very wrong. I put one piece of tobacco on a tiny pool of blood and one on a bit of sugar water leaving one dry and covered them. I forgot about my experiment but realized three days later and ran to rip the cover off. All three were now five times longer and one had folded back n forth layering over itself even. I knew every inch of everywhere I gobwas covered in worms, not that my one cigarette daily loosed tobacco everywhere. Knowing I was already insanwe from sputum, nasal, skin, stool, eye, and hair I had another to add to the list. Does it look like tobacco but is immobile and grows over time? Or is yours strictly intestinal meaning you'd probably not have dry loose ones scattering everywhere? Thanks

...I just erased below here after I described the two that are on the verge of taking my life and realizing how insane I'd description made black hairy tongue, morgellons, and foreign language syndrome look as normal as your everyday common cold......

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