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Re: Severe Muscle Weakness/Cramping/Fatigue? by glaxony ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/20/2016 1:34:14 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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You people need to stay away from the pharmaceutical drugs and stop trying to avoid the inevitable. If you manage to kill them off with pharmaceuticals then your body has to get rid of all the toxins building up in your system from the dying corspes. Herbs that kill worms help stimulate the liver and kidneys and bowels to eliminate the dead and dying debris. Pharmaceuticals leave a big sludge pot of death rotting in your muscles and creating low grade inflammation in your fascia. And you wonder why your body is dying. Do pharmaceuticals mop up the stragglers and hatchlings? Do pharmaceuticals kill eggs? Cancer is when your body starts eating itself. The body starts eating itself when there is a larger percentage of toxins inhabiting the eco-system of your soul, than healthy tissue. Using pharmaceuticals instead of God's medicine is a great way to make sure it happens asap. How anybody can believe that something an egg head in a lab coat concocts in 2-3 years in a laboratory for money could be superior to the herbal medicines Nature Created via 10 million years of natural selection is beyond my comprehension. Yes the herbs cause herxheimer. Yes you are trying to avoid the hard work of detoxification via systemic cleansing by using a pharmaceutical silver bullet. And you are slowly dying despite everything you have done. No pain no gain. That is the name of the game. You either have a warrior spirit or you let AMA doctor you to death. Good luck. And why do you keep coming to the parasite Natural Cures forum to post about pharmaceutical problems? Herbs don't work when you take pharmaceuticals because they bypass the immune system. Herbs stimulate the immune system, but they cannot if you are pumped full of drugs. Your pharmaceutical silver bullet is full of toxic cancer causing crap. Wearing it around your neck is not going to make you feel any better either. You are never going to feel any better without an immune system. Are you taking Iodine? Are you taking Selenium? Are you doing enemas? Have you flushed your liver? Do you have amalgams? Have you cleansed your kidneys? Have you taken any blood cleansing herbs? Do you have mites on your face? What have you done about the pinworms? Pharmaceuticals weaken the immune system. The weaker your immune system, the more susceptible you are to reinfection. Once a host always a host, and that goes quadruple if you take pharmaceuticals. With herbs, you are training your body to get stronger and fight them off before they have a chance to get started up again. Eventually your body will catch on and kick in, but you have to do your due diligence. Popping a pharmaceutical is the lazy man's way. parasites love to devour lazy people. It is like the difference between going for a PHD with herbs and buying a lottery ticket with pharmaceuticals. Which is more likely to help you win the battle of and for your life? Taking the easy way is not so easy. You are spinning your tires in mud. How many cliche's will it take for you people to wake up to the fact that this forum was created to teach people how to avoid the pharmaceutical trap of quicksand that inevitably sucks them under and kills them. This forum was created for people who realized modern medicine is a hoax that doesn't work. They made it illegal to use the word CURE for the devil's sake. This is what that industry is all about: Death and reducing the population of the planet to 500 million. And they are in complete control of how much pain you feel because they prescribe the morphine drip. Torture masters. Go to them for help and this is what you get, ultimately. They told me there was no cure but they could make me comfortable in 2002. I have more mobility in my shoulder now than I did ten years before they told me that. And it isn't because of pharmaceutical drugs. It is because of repeated and regular systemic cleansing and therapeutic nutrition and exercise. But I am not done yet. I still have a way to go. Thank you for being living proof that drugs don't work. Now maybe others won't waste themselves away on false hopes and futilities. Have you clicked the cleanse button and done all the cleansing? The cure is the same no matter what is infecting you. Drugs don't cure. The immune system does. And it needs your help to do it. What are you doing to help your immune system? Pharmaceutical drugs just make it weaker. Your muscles are proof positive.

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