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Re: Grizz- Alleged Authority (Bible) of Colloidal Silver. by Esstee ..... Colloidal Silver Debate Forum

Date:   12/11/2015 11:47:27 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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RE: Any fool with half a brain after reading this website can quickly discern that they are completely one sided and are distorting the truth.

This type of behavior is only going to get you banned along with the removal of the posts made to reference your products.
To which I'd add... to what end?

Surely you can see the self defeating nature that comes from this... (not worth it imo)

Having said that, the issue of nanoparticle/ion potential has already been addressed in earlier posts, and so I really don't see the point of repeating arguements based on the same faulty logic. ie, In contrast to silver ions, silver nanoparticles work by means of ionic exchange. - the smaller the particles, the higher the potential for ionic exchange and its effectiveness.

That said, aside from your rejection of unfavorable outcomes, I find no valid reason from which to conclude these test results are either dishonest of fraudulent. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that it appears to be quite the opposite, as we find several of the competing products measuring higher than the testers own products. Which in turn, gives added legitimacy to the likelyness of brute honestly toward matters. And thus, it would make little sense that this same company would choose to falsify results in response to a minority product such as these so-called atomic silver solutions out a rather extensive list of competing products.

Along these same lines, I'd also add that the issue of credibility appears to work against these so-called atomic silver solutions as we consider the transparency of the product(content and composition) of the initiating company in contrast to the so-called atomic silver solutions which has demonstrated to have not only gone out of it's way to conceal product contents, but who has also proven to lack any of the basic scientific methods required to quality the composition of said solutions.


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