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Re: Brain Swelling by #461 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/3/2015 5:24:40 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I was guessing you don't use a zapper (but should) since you are talking with matt--from my observations he is trying to do all this with no zapper.

And I suspect really his method merely 'manages' the parasites, not get rid of them, which the zapper will do, hence I've never needed all the fiddle-fussing around with some of this, more of that, and do lots of this. I got rid of mine and don't get low on stuff. I haven't been managing i.e. compensating for them, as I'm pretty sure he's chosen to do.

So instead of fighting them for your resources, you just put enough in for you both, and voila' no more symptoms as your system starts getting it share of needed nutrients. But living with the parasites is never OK---they're eating you and eating you out of house and home. Zap em gone. :)

I think his method does detox and so isn't entirely unuseable. From my perspective,that ammonia smell was the parasite interacting with some chemical in your body, and the detoxing helps because it's removing that chemical. But unless you've zapped, the parasites are most probably still there.

You can zap across your head, if you really think they're there. As I've been saying though, I really don't think you 'feel' parasites. It's far more likely that the nerves and blood vessels are spasming due to cadmium toxicity.

It will be discovered, I'm sure, in retrospect, to be the lead poisoning of the 21th century. It's in metal water pipes & cigarettes (second hand smoke too) primarily. But it's as nasty as lead, just far less known, so people aren't recognizing the symptoms.

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