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Re: Possible cure for excessive gas/body odor? by Justinlc ..... Flatulence Forum

Date:   10/31/2015 11:30:41 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Well stringing or fuzzy looking can either be dead candida or intestinal mucous or even undigested vegetables. From my experience getting food to completely digest really helps gas. Also if you're sweating a lot that could be a sign of having a lot of toxins to get rid of. If you're a smoker I'd suggest the less smoking the better. But if you wanted too you could also give Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay a try. They are great for binding to any toxins or waste in your digestive tract and even have been known to reduce gas. Also if you wanna try anymore little things to help I suggest not drinking water until an hour after eating a meal so you don't water down your gastric juices and not laying down after eating either. Also you would be surprised what only 2 minutes of meditation can do after eating. Candida can also cause some liver congestion too so if you notice any greasy or floating or gross smelling stool it's also be a sign of undigested fat which means less bile production which can cause more gas. If this is the case then pulling toxins and even taking something for your liver like Milk Thistle or even just eating beets can help. Sorry for the long message lol I try to explain things as best as I can. Anyways if you have anymore questions I'll try to help out.

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