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High-carb low fat vegan by RawManGu7ar ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   10/4/2015 4:04:17 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hello everybody!

I'm on the HCLF Vegan(STARCH-SOLUTION) diet for about two months.
I use no oil,no supplements except a b-12(methyl).
I'm consuming enough calories,I just eat till i feel full and satisfied.
The first week on this diet i felt like crap,
I knew it was a detox symptom so i kept pushing my self and after that, i started to feel amazing and very good!
Then after one month i started to feel this anger inside me,like real rage and depression..
I basically felt like i was missing something that my body cant function without it.
I really felt like i am going crazy.
So i tried just for a test taking a Multi-Vitamin
and after just three or four hours everything went away like magic!
after i took the multi i decided that i try different foods to find what my body is missing.
i tried all sorts of starches and vegetables and fruits and nothing helped..
I felt so bad that i was thinking to go back to eat meat..
Now here is the very weird part,
Two days ago i felt like i really wanted a soup,
So i decided to make a simple one
I putted there:potatoes,carrot,cherry tomatoes,onion,sweet red paprika,black pepper,and little bit of himalayan-salt.
After i ate that soup i felt just like after when i took the multi-vitamin!
And now here is my questions:
1)What can be in that soup that helped me?
2)when i eat vegetables,most of the time i eat them raw..
maybe i cant consume raw vegetables?
maybe i need to cook them all the time?

I know that its weird,
Hope you can help me!

Here is what i usually eat
Morning-2 cups of oatmeal with 3 bananas and cranberries
Lunch-Corn pasta/rice with some sauce that i am making,salad
Dinner-Rice/Potatoes with the same sauce and salad

and between the meals i eat some fruits or drinking shakes..


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