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High Dose Vitamin C by SuperWoman29 ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   9/26/2015 1:30:45 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Before getting on topic, I just have to say that I'm shocked at how inactive this board is (I'm posting this in multiple boards, so I'm referring to Txic Mold). The only explanation I can think of is that most people (with fungal illness) probably don't realize that mold exposure is the root cause of their illness. If I never got an environmental company to test my former apartment, I might never had know why I became sick either. I was fortunate enough to have a strong intuition telling me something was wrong.

Now back to vitamin c. Back when I first learned why I was sick, my D.O. suggested having it administered intravenously. I declined because of my fear of needles, but boy do I regret it. Perhaps I would have given in if he explained WHY I needed it, but I didn't ask, so I'm not blaming him. I'm just a little sad because it might have saved me three years of hell.

Flash forward to two days ago. Now despite my recent discoveries, none of them lasted more than a week. I was in a full blown depression, basically begging the universe to let me die. I even felt this way despite trying a Korean product that made me feel a little better, but when I looked in the mirror, I saw a skinny fat aging woman robbed of her youth. I soon began bursting into panic and tears. Desperate to calm down, I looked at my brand new enema bag I bought the day before, and contemplated doing a coffee enema my friend recommended. Since it was so late, I was nervous it would keep me up, so I looked over at a container of powdered vitamin c I hadn't used in months. I put about 10 grams worth in the bag, and went to town.

At first the sensation made my heart race, but after a minute, I got used to the feeling. I probably left it in for only 5-10 minutes.

After expelling, I noticed something. My desire to cry was gone. And after about 20 min, I kid you not, my constant toxic bloat was starting to go away.

I started to think long and hard that night. Vitamin c is commonly used for infections. My fungal infection is no different! The reason I wasn't making progress lately was because it had spread so much, that small doses were almost useless! Last year I took about 4 grams orally per day, but I made the mistake of lessening the dose throughout the year. I even started taking liposheric c at the beginning of this year, but didn't realize it was why I felt better.

Coincidentally, I ordered the liposheric c a few days ago, and took a dose yesterday, and today. I also have been taking the powder orally, but because it is citic acid (cheap and probably from China, which is why I stopped using it), I've been mixing it with a buffered form for better absorption.

Ladies and gentlemen, my results over the past two days have been DRAMATIC. My body is finally recovering from exercise. I can't believe my muscle tone is finally coming back! Sure I still have some aches and pains, but the Depression is gone, and I've got that spark again. I'm still taking everything I've been taking and think my food and additional supplements are important, but vitamin c is obviously the missing link.

In conclusion, I will acknowledge that I know there is always the potential for relapse, but this just makes so much sense. Us primates don't make out own vitamin c like other animals, so we are obviously more susceptible to disease without it.

It's ok if no one wants to comment, but I sure hope this helps all you lurkers out there who are lost and need to start healing. The only reason I have taken the time to write this is because I want to help others out there who have been suffering.

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