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Re: OXYPODER and HUMAWORM Liver Flush by Hidden Username ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/10/2015 12:28:16 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I'm not sure what to make of this reply.

I wasn't doing any Diet Debate s, quite the opposite. I've seen many diets work for many people, although it is dismaying to see the lobbies and big money behind some of the popular ones such as Atkins and Paleo.

I wrote largely in response to your logic of dismissing a diet based on the founder having lost a patient. Funny thing is that patient supposedly was fasting, so the diet had not much to do with it, IMHO. Nobody has reported any deaths from fruit and a bed.

I am not on a fruit diet, nor do I recommend one. You call me a noob and then paint 80-10-10 with such a broad brush, hmmm interesting.

I read "Fit for Life" by the Diamons in 1987 and followed it for years and became a vegetarian because of it. I read "Diet for a New America" in 1989. I read Victor Kulvinskas "Survival into the Twentieth Century" in 1989 as well as Ann Wigmore's book, founder of Hippocrates, and I lived these things working as a vegan chef in a natural foods restaurant during that time also.

I was dating an organic wheatgrass farmer who invented a special watering system to grow wheatgrass in an urban apartment in the 80's, that was fun.

I am not a noob, and have healed myself of something that puts most people down for life, CFS.

I bought Andreas' book several years, ago. Thank you for recommending it to me, if you did. It must have been under another handle as your's only goes back a few months.

I knew about the Liver Flush for about 17 years having been in circles with friends who had done it, but since coming from the Natural Hygiene background, I avoided doing it until forced to after getting ill again after a dental visit.

Have a good one Iodine and thanks again for the recommendation, Liver Flushing has been quite an adventure:)



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