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Re: FMT by jsl123 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   8/30/2015 8:10:39 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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yes FMT would be a possible treatment would it completely work for ec suffers I'm unsure although i highly doubt anyone will try it so we can leave that door closed for now.

in regards to my doctor as i said these doctors are also alternative doctors they look @ the body as a whole. His treatment has been the classic functional medicine approach the 5 R's

-reduce/remove the highly processed/hard to digest and inflammatory foods (grains,dairy,sugar,processed foods)

-remove the overgrowth with Antibiotics /natural Antibiotics

-repair/support the gut with digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid supplements to support digestion and rebuild the gut lining with healing elements

re-introduce with new probiotics and the correct ones

-reinoculate/feed and support new gut flora

IT HASNT WORKED!!! been going for about 3 months now i have even started to support the adrenal glands and introduced colostrum and still nothing not even a slight improvement. yes it works for some people's conditions but maybe my regime is wrong although both functional medicine practioners stated my treatment plan is highly regarded and packed with the highest quality supplements. yes i do eat eggs and nuts although i have previously stripped them out for a couple of months and then re-introduced them(personally think all natural foods are healthy as long as there not processed and in the whole natural form and you have a balanced diet) and if you have leaky gut you most likely will be having sensitivities to lots of foods including healthy foods. Maybe fodmaps diet or something like that would work although i won't ever do another crazy diet ever! I don't think eating a potatoe or having some natural home made yogurt or having fruit is bad for you. i refuse to go down that track if your concerned with food allergies get tested but for the love of it don't go crazy and starve yourself or avoid a whole food group like fruit etc etc they don't last long term these BS diets and you will most likely crash and burn. Personally i have a paleo template diet which includes nuts and seeds,eggs,white rice(easy to digest)i eat small amounts of quinoa and yes i eat all kinds of potatoes!!! i also plan on introducing the highest quality natural dairy(i have avoided dairy for almost 1 year so far so i know dairy isn't the answer for me).

This is my last ever approach for natural/alternative remedies i have given almost 1.5 years in total trying all kinds of natural approaches and no results. Yes i think it can work for some people natural methods. lee's is a perfect example of that look at his previous posts to see his treatment. It seems some people get lucky with natural approaches and it works were as others it does't (lately colostrum is a perfect example how a few have seen some results were as the majority haven't seen any results) This sort of thing happens with eczema/dermatitis conditions different things work for some people.

overall functional medicine practioners always have the same idea it all has to do with the gut (aka leaky gut) and fixing/repairing the gut. modern medicine is only just starting to register how the gut plays a major role in health and disease the big question is does it involve everything especially all auto-immune conditions etc etc I'm personally not convinced although a lot of people do see results with there conditions i guess its a luck thing. I will continue for another 2-3 months and then stop if nothing and just go back to normal living with a normal healthy balanced diet.

I think ec is purely eczema/dermatitis of the lips a simple inflammatory condition which shows its self in the lips is it caused by the gut/bad digestion i don't know. Daniki cleared her ec with immuno suppressive drugs(imuran) people see big improvements with prednisone why whats the connection well they both drop immune activity so clearly ec is immune driven to and inflammation is the major enemy. I am patiently waiting for the new era of inflammatory drugs to come to the public over the next 12-18 months like dupilumab and others that will follow suit fingers crossed they work and shut down the inflammatory response in our lips and clear symptoms. Will i worry about the root cause NO! i would happily take dupilumab/imuran/any drugs that gives me my life back and clears/removes the symptoms.

In saying that i think the natural approach is worth a try before anything as it does work for some people and i think functional medicine practioners are a great way to try a alternative treatment as there is also a little bit of science/proof behind there test results.

Thats all i have really my regime is simple like most natural approaches improve digestion and boost the immune system so it runs smoothly and balanced. I take the pro-biotics that i lacked in my results and also enzymes to support digestion.

If anybody has anymore questions hit me up and ill come back tomorrow night to reply.

Healing i will p.m you sometime this week if you don't mind!

good luck all

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