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Odd face and hair symptoms. Really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read... by Heathbutts ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/12/2015 3:32:21 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I have a very thing happening to face and hair. I know what I'm about sounds really odd but everything I'm explaining I've seen, researched and been experiencing for almost 2 years. I'm not crazy and I'm not a drug addict.

Started by first noticing odd lines in my face. Looked a little like new wrinkles but they were jagged, in odd places on face and would have strangely growing hairs protruding awkwardly out of lines on face.

Tried many many products including face peels, microdermabrasion, baking soda, etc including most of the suggestions here on curezone such as ivermectin and kleen green.

With the kleen green I began to notice hair sometimes in clumps coming up and out of those new strange lines/wrinkles from my face and these hairs many times were still attached to my scalp and after pulling out of lines would go back to join the other regular hair on my scalp. These hairs did seem to be very odd colors such as black or white or Amber red whereas my regular hair is red. It would also be coated with some sort of stuff making it almost water repellant.

In addition to new lines on face I also have gotten over the last year several dark spots almost like freckles but in places I've never had freckles in those places.

When cleaning face with kleen green I also see black specks, red threads and white threads that seem to have a mind of their own moving oddly as tho they are living.

Fuzz can be a big problem for me certain times. For example, unrolling toilet paper at times it sort of explodes in a big puff of fuzzies or lint, same thing with paper towels or even bath towels after showering.

Also, I seem to have a big problem off and on with my feet and hands. Both having what seems to be hair/lint/fibers stuck deep inside skin that I have to massage out. Black tar like gunk will come out of feet if I massage long enough. Lots of black specks and sometimes sticker and stick looking things will come from feet.

These are just a few of my symptoms I have more odd ones so if anyone has any idea what is happening please please please enlighten me!

Thank you so much to those of you who have taken the time to read my long post. Also I want to thank the curezone community for all the tips I've read over this past year as it has been a hard one.

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