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Re: resources on the spirituality of fasting by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/9/2015 11:40:59 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I think Yours was just the post that lead me here! to post this:

"...The tracks of childhood tears are registered along the optic nerve, creating blockages which affect visual processing in unique ways."

scroll down for the volunteer videos--these are priceless.
There are a few of these short demonstrations, and the process is really one of==well, it's self-explanatory... when you watch the coaching videos, it will all come clear.

I believe it's one of the best things you can do for yourself, and of course all others... since it naturally gives others you connect with permission to be visually centred. (which is about so much more than seeing)

PS Archus, I was going to suggest this to you. . . and others who might be interested. Lili, and Vidda--if you are ever looking in....
really, anyone!)


two other resources I like:

Balanced View, for the brilliant way it teaches simply being in that place of what I've come to recognize IS being "Visually centred". There are lots and lots of short videos with trainers.
"Stop thinking" and "Open Intelligence", are wonderfully synthesized teachings for westerners, especially. No one can *stop thought*, and plenty have tried and gone nuts or blank doing so, but we can stop engaging in, and 'buying' our thoughts--which equates to "stop thinking", a la Balanced View.
What they share is Genius simple.

I LOVE the satsangs of Mooji. They are the real thing. Many are live, and much is on youtube, including bhajan concerts...

there is so much more. . .

Before I undertook my first longish (29 day) water fast, which, as you have discovered, is life-altering. . . I did this after a few very short test fasts; I first, went on a 10 day Vipassana retreat (which is among the top ten or less highlights of my life thus far). They are offered worldwide... Wonderful. After that, was when I felt able/open to try a 21 days or more wfast.

This manual -I read before the fast- was one I so enjoyed. I love his combination of humour, reverence and irreverence. There is so much literature from that period, on Soil and Health, and through Health research books.

The soil and health library has many out of print and inspiring works . In fasting and Natural Hygiene. . .etc.


re: visual centering effects,

As you breathe in the Light, acknowledge the precious connection you have with your present-day self, and with the body you have been given experience this journey. Safe and at ease, surrounded by Light, envelop yourself in the loving heart-energy you emanate. It ripples around you like a protective cloak and emanates outward to warm and reassure others. You are safe. Inside your own heart, you go on.

In this configuration, you do not "give of yourself."
You can give of your energy, your time, you affection, even your money, but you cannot give of yourself because no one else can use it. They have their own. Respect and cherish that separateness, the basis of each person's free will. "

Kathryn May

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