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Was candida dieoff from eating turkish yogurt! by illys / elisah ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   8/8/2015 12:14:54 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Yumyumyum FMTpills! ;) I get the feeling they're noyyt going to take well unless one's already practiced with live ACV and the 80-20 veg&fruit to meat&fats diet. 


I get the fatigue and low energy levels too. I want to try the saponin (herbal pills) with activated charcoal and diatomaceous earth to see how well the fasting goes with a complete washed-clean small intestine. Thats where the candida hits hardest, and it's supposed to be clean. 



From listening to radio, herbal saponins (fx from chaparral or tribulus terrestris) are the one thing that gets hyphal cell wall protiens to disconnect from the gut lining! Can't get biofilms off the sidewalk with sodium-laury-sulfate soapflakes, can't do it quite the manmade style. 


You stated some of the same thoughts I have had in my head with thoughts to fasting :) 




Turkish yogurt+probiotics
Mmmyup! I've been using kombucha colonies this year, over 22-28 symbiotic strains including a glucose-converting strain that produces beneficial acids instead of acetlaldehyde. I'd like that ability to metabolize glucose right back.. 

 When I first drank my brew it gave me herx-flush and bad tummy and ghyeh, I had just drunk it at too strong a dilution. 

Warm-fermented ACV (apple cider vinegar) live vinegar is going to be a more powerful option though because it requires fermentation at temperatures closer to body heat. Also, fermentation in borax-heavy fruit fibers means it's flora that are better suited to alkiline conditions, and fruit/veg fiber is as close we get to garden o' eden eating here on earth.


 my stomach was worse this morning, so i thought it might be becouse lack of stomach acid which caused me to not digest the yugurt and feed the bacterias in stomach and caused fermentation in wrong place and pain

Nono! It's because of the lactic acid, proprionate, butyric and other anticandidic fermentation byproducts killing off candidal strains! Keep it up, and take activated charcoal pills 45 mins to an hour after eating, the pain will stop right away! You are winning!
Alternatively, eat an apple after your turkish yogurt, it also has the absorbant properties, but activated charcoal (get it at CVS or a GNC or summat similar near you (chemists' shoppe or alternative health pill store/foodstore)). Walmart, k-mart, Target, etc, should have a supplements aisle.  


Stomach acid will come as you go, read the tennant article on stomach acid and bless you, you're encouraging me in every good way :D
After all, you're eating acids, and the ACV 1tblsp in water 1 hour before a meal provides all the stomach-acid precursors, even if it's pasturized.  


Drinking water with 1-2 grams activated charcoal (2-4 500mg pills) will ease the brainfog within an hour if you get your heartbeat up, or do HOT-COLD-HOT-COLD-HOT-COLD cycles in the shower for 5 miks. 


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