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Craving for cashews since starting a raw vegan diet and fasting by iandthou ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   8/3/2015 3:20:17 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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About 2 months ago I went on a 80% raw vegan diet and in this duration, I also did a 7 day water fast. I've lost about 10 kg weight, although I was 'average' to begin with.

Over these 2 months I have developed a strong craving for cashews. I wonder if someone could suggest what this craving could mean, and what I should do about it?

I don't remember having such a craving before, although before 2 months ago I was not really eating nuts on a regular basis. Now I eat cashews, almonds and walnuts everyday, and crave for cashews but not for the other two.

I wonder if this means I am deficient in one of the nutrients cashews have. It could be protein, fat, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorous. But almonds and walnuts have each of these in greater quantity, so why do I not crave for them? In fact if I eat a lot of walnuts I get nauseous.

Protein and fat might be likely suspects since I've lost so much weight and am on a diet low on both, although I do eat a lot of nuts. But how does one know the answer to this?

I also read at places that cashews are just addictive, and it has nothing to do with their nutritive qualities. Is that true?

At present, I do eat a lot of cashews and stop myself sometimes, but not always. I am not sure if I should control myself or if I should let my body get what it wants.

The craving itself feels more like a sensation in the mouth and throat than a stomach sensation, which makes me wonder if this is something closer to how Shelton and others describe 'real hunger' or 'true hunger', which might be a good sign. It is also usually not there when my stomach is full or close to full. I get it only when I have not eaten for 3 hours or more. Also, I feel I have become more sensitive to taste and appreciative of subtle elements of taste in foods. I don't need spices or other condiments to feel good about my food. This might have to do with the body beginning to get back in touch with its instinctive ability to know which foods are good for it, something animals seem to have. I also don't appreciate restaurant food that much now. All these signs make me wonder if my body is on a good track in eating a lot of cashews.

I would appreciate any responses to these questions.

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