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Re: Mercury poinsing, sulpher sensitivity, candida, or ALL??? PLEASE HELP!!! by joegrane ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/26/2015 9:44:16 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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A few thoughts for you--sorry no time for a full reply

Tuna is high mercury Hg fish!

High sulfur/thiol foods and supplements will kick up Hg. Some of the kicked up Hg will be removed from the body. Unfortunately some of it that was in parts of the body not so vulnerable to Hg will find parts of the body that are quite vulnerable and that hold on quite tightly.

For example this was seen in the Gregus study on mice. A Cutler comments here.

Notice that lipoic acid has two SH/thiol groups (mercury magnets) to better hold onto Hg. Cysteine from the "green foods" only has one.

Frequent urination and endocrine problems--temperature regulation, etc--are symptoms of Hg. However, when a person has an Hg problem I expect to see at least one mood related problem, especially reduced stress tolerance, maybe to the point of anxiety and some depression.

You might find this interesting about thyroid and adrenals. Members of detox groups usually report benefit from adrenal support and not infrequently report benefit from thyroid support as well.

You could check out the symptom lists under the 1000+ hair tests at a site used by detox groups. That site also has good information on Cutler's detox protocol in their "chelation network" section.

You can learn about Cutler's viewpoint on detox and some of the chelation related controversy in this discussion with Dr D Pompa. They also discuss how they both had difficulty getting their Hg problems diagnosed.

Dr Hyman says in his book that he went to ten other doctors before someone realized that Hg was involved in his very long list of debilitating symptoms.

While I was very grateful to Dr H. I chose Cutler detox.


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