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Rope worm with tail? What in the sam hill is this by eterna ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/23/2015 6:52:07 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I've been doing daily coffee enemas for over two weeks and yesterday, this shows up. What the heck is it? Rope worm segment? Why does it have a pointed, distinct tail? Why does it look like a seahorse? WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE IT HAS A FACE? :/

My story starts in 2009 with feeling unwell, then progressing over the years. Been to many docs and was diagnosed with candida and liver flukes as well as heavy metal poisoning etc.

My hubs and I went to the Carribbean last year and within two months of being back I was having horrible symptoms. Only thing that made me feel better were parasite herbs. My thumbs would crack and hurt, my guts were constantly moving, and I felt and looked insane. I also had tingling on my temples and randomly in my scalp.

I've gotten better and things are changing for me but I think there are more of these weird things in me. Today's coffee enema was about the same, except it felt like someone pinched the HELL out of my splenic flexure (where the descending colon twists down). I was hoping it was the release of more creatures but didn't see anything too remarkable afterward, just the usual. I have been getting fecal stones for months now when I do enemas and got more today.

So, is this just rope worm segment? The tail part doesn't look like ropeworm tails I've seen online although the body does. I'm freaked out. The "face" looks like ALF from the 80s TV Show. It would be funny if it weren't so strange. It has a distinct looking sucker, like a seahorse.

Anyone got an answer for me?

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