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Re: Concerned about pain in my heart by meli083 ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   7/23/2015 9:43:18 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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It's okay Brandy. I am resurrecting an old thread after all. Thanks for responding. Insurance wouldn't approve my MRI. I probably have to be on my death-bed for them to approve it. I was hoping it could spot a worm in my chest or something but I will have to find another way to get diagnosed.

My left shoulder and neck do hurt sometimes along with my chest. All this pain is on-off but my heart pounding is literally 24-7 to varying degrees. I was doing basic enemas with water and ACV once a week (maybe I should do it more times a week?). I will look into coffee enemas but I am scared of caffeine right now since my heart always pounds. I hope this will not affect my heart. The humaworm is kind of backing me up so more enemas seem like a good idea. I am also drinking tons of water. At least a gallon a day.

I am glad you found the causes of your heart issues. I don't seem to have any food intolerances. Cutting out sugar and carbs completely hasn't helped at all! I eat mainly salads these days, some beans and a little fruit. Still no relief. Maybe I have a mineral deficiency? Like you said, it's going to take a looooong time :(

Thanks again. You are very encouraging. Seeing you get better from cleansing gives me hope. Hope that maybe one day I can have my life back. I used to run and go to the gym all the time. I am definitely sticking with it. I am almost halfway done. Humaworm has helped so many people so maybe it'll help me too. I can't thank you enough for the support.

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