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Re: Humaworm extreme reaction by #199781 ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   7/15/2015 3:00:23 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi, where did it end up for you?
This is brief account of our current situation
What did u end up doing please

My partner (of 3 years) and I started just the Humaworm cleanse 12 days ago. We eat simarly now but I have a long history of cleansing and detoxing due to alternative health practices for over 20years (including colonics, gallbladder cleanses, urine therapy and wholistic organic health orientation
my partner started with me on Humaworm after having a long history of working with horses and dogs, both of us traveled to several European, & Asian countries. His bloods showed raised eosinophils over the last 18mths and having travelled to developing countries we felt a decent cleanse required, no previous significant symptoms
After 6 days My partner developed a mild but unmeasured temperature - no sweats but really hot, fatigued and although eating health smoothies and soups generally off food- liquids were kept above recommendation. On the morning of day 3 of sweats he agreed to a coffee enema, instant relief for 15 hours, until that night- then the sweats really started.
Day 4 of sweats (day 10 of cleanse) another coffee enema provided 10-12 hours of heat and headache relief then
Day 5 of sweats coffee enema, worked for 6 hours but then had a "vague dissociated " experience.
Then a fit or convulsion, loss of consciousness, ambulance and paramedics attended- hospital admission but they have no regard for detox as cause, now suspecting cerebral AVM or encephalitis or a Brian abscess- can the healing crises produce these symptoms. Inconclusive CT scan. We are Refusing encephalitis antibiotics as this was the 3rd suspicion, and no bloods supported it.
Ceased dose only this morn, and whilst in hospital symptoms subsided - discharge against Drs advice
Do you have any references that can help support our belief that this is a healing crisis please?
where do we go from here?


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