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Re: killing me softly... by wattho ..... Depression Forum

Date:   5/11/2005 2:32:49 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Now, there's a good question.

This last bout of depression/anxiety seems to seems to stem from an unfortunate change of events. The end result was panic/anxiety attacks and a worsening gut problems. All of this has left me emotionally drained with omni-present depression.

So what have I tried and what has helped.

Been through every anti-depressant. Some worked for a short period, some longer and some not at all. Overall I think they screwed up my body...especially one called Zispin or Mirtazapine...ruined my stomach even to this day.

Generally being outside and especially exercising outside seem to lift the mood, especially if sunny. In the winter I take the occassional sunbed, although I don't like these ultra powerful ones, I preferred the low power beds. 20 minutes in the warmth was nice. People warned about skin cancer....couldn't give a fig when I felt bad.

Magnesium certainly helps..although exercise depeletes Mg so it has to be balanced i.e take more magnesium if exercising hard. Oral supplement upset my stomach even at low doses (candida?). So, had a course of 10 injections. That helped but it meant leaving work early one day a week which wasn't great. They also hurt a fair amount.

I then tried Intraveneous vitamin infusion. Worked very well for a time, but expensive and time consuming. So now I have just started self injecting B12 and Magnesium - small regular doses so they don't hurt much. Too early to tell if they are working.

Spending time with nephews and neices help. The unconditional love children is very therapeutic, takes your mind off of yourself. Jolly friends are also a tonic.

Loneliness is a problem. Not good, so try and avoid it if you can. Unfortunately I live alone so it is hard at times..........

Check out the website, useful information and take a look at It is a website for a doctor based in Wales (don't know where in the world you are located) be she offers some insights.

Do you have any idea what triggered your Depression or is it just something that happened?

take care.

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