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Re: Serious improvement after 6 weeks of urine therapy. Dysbiosis, bloating, brain fog, candida-like symptoms. (good read for allergy prone sensitive individuals) by superfriend ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/25/2015 2:04:30 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Sounds wonderful. Good job.

Have you heard of copper bracelets for arthritis? A French? European doctor Lakhovsky (known now as the Lakhovsky coil) gave 10 germanium plants cancer and put a heavy copper wire around one of them. The tumors fell off the one with the copper wire, and the 9 other plants died soon after. The plant with the copper wire lived as was healthy after that.


Long story short, I got nearly hit by a car about fifteen years ago and screwed up my back royally as a result, it took six months going many many times. It went out about two and a half years ago and two years ago. I've got a couple copper bracelets that I've been wearing for nine months and my back doesn't hurt one bit, even helping three people move this month. Yeah, surprised the heck out of me too. HIGHLY recommended to say the least.

Anywhere, just make sure it is an open coil... I just found this, One of the most common claims of the copper bracelet for hundreds of years has been that copper bracelets cure joint pain from conditions like arthritis. This was generally accepted for a long time but along the way doctors and scientists began to doubt the truth behind this claim. However, in 1983, Australian doctors G.R. Struthers and D.L Scott from the St. George Hospital conducted studies on different alternative methods for relieving Arthritis pain. Their results showed that Arthritis sufferers noticed significant relief from joint pain when wearing copper bracelets. While they are not exactly sure why, their research showed that using copper bracelets does help relieve Arthritis pain. They concluded that doctors should consider copper bracelets along with other treatment methods for arthritis pain.

Read more :

I can't imagine how strong a combination that UT and the bracelet would be... I haven't done UT in many months. :( Lazy I guess. I'll start again today, for serious this time, as the young kids say... Like in the "Zoolander" movie. Hopefully somebody gets a laugh out of that reference. Wondering how gorgeous somebody could really become if doing UT, copper bracelet, sungazing, vegetarian, foraging, with orgonite (I've had orgonite for years now), yoga, etc, etc. ??

Cheers, to your health.


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