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Serious improvement after 6 weeks of urine therapy. Dysbiosis, bloating, brain fog, candida-like symptoms. (good read for allergy prone sensitive individuals) by barkbark ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/25/2015 11:15:11 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I have been using urine therapy on and off for about a year. On and off being the problem, I simply kept losing faith in it and giving it up before it had a chance to work, even though I had already been seeing mild improvements. It takes me 2 weeks to notice anything at all, then from there it was slowly gradually up hill.

I started into the urine therapy again (about 1-2 liters a day), about 6 weeks ago, and its the longest I've gone without stopping.

My bloating is gone, my stomach is flat, whereas that would never happen before no matter what I ate. My energy levels are not perfect but are significantly improved. As in I can actually do productive things without caffeine where as before I couldn't. My digestion in general is just better. Before I was vomiting back up a lot of my food shortly after I ate, now that never happens. Less pain discomfort, less bouts of diarrhea/constipation etc etc. I believe specifically I was/am having problems with SIBO (look up SIBO, I'm a textbook case) that are beginning to drastically subside.

I even had a splurge 2 weeks ago where I shared a couple bottles of wine with a friend, and fully recovered within 4 days. Normally alcohol takes a very dramatic tole on my health. (Not that I would recommend using urine therapy to assist with unhealthy habits, to the contrary I only think it works if you're diet and life style is agreeable to begin with)

On that note. I have a lot of food sensitivities and I still can't touch anything I'm sensitive too. You need to eliminate everything from your diet that you're sensitive to. Which for sensitive individuals usually means ditching restaurants.

Also, everyone is extremely individual, so I wouldn't recommend any ready made protocol as anything more than a suggestion. For example, I learned this because I have some common and some uncommon sensitivities. For example, I cant eat gluten, dairy or eggs. I also can't eat avocado, coconut, all nuts and seeds except for flax and chia, oats, and buckwheat. But white rice is a staple for me and soy doesn't cause any problems.

So, for you this might be entirely different, but you have to follow your own intuition and do your on experimentation when determining what you're sensitive to. (yes, eventually I plan to reintroduce most of these foods)

I thought I had candida until I got a stool analysis, I had/have bacterial overgrowth. Low carb diets had initial success but in the long run made things much worse.

I eat whatever I can get away with that's a healthy whole real food. good variety of raw and cooked vegetables, potatos/sweet potatos, some fruit(eaten on it's own usually first thing in the morning or far away from meals), rice, lentils, mung beans, chicken, fish, meat doesn't interfere with UT for me, though ide recommend free range organic chicken, wild fish, grass fed beef etc etc.

Another thing I would like to point out, is that at least for me, juicing doesn't work, it's too harsh on the intestines. Green juice gives me serious stomach pains and diarrhea. Fruit and starchy vegetable juices have way too much sugar. So, even though juicing is trendy, and does great things for some people, doesn't mean that it works for everyone. Personally I don't do juice or smoothies at all.

I still have issues with restless legs syndrome, and environmental allergies, and stiff joints (rheumatoid symptoms). All of these things point to histamine sensitivity, and an over reactive immune system in general.

I am going to be going on a supervised urine fast (21-30 days) I will post an update when that is complete to document any further improvement.

**Sometimes urine therapy doesn't work for people when they have significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I have also been taking vitamin and mineral supplements in order to help the urine therapy work better (usana multis). In the long run I would rather not take vitamins and I'm looking into phytoplankton to cover the same basis in a more holistic way.

Good luck to everyone, don't let taboo stop you from employing a remedy that could dramatically improve your life!

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