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Perhaps DNA War/Targeted by Pixer ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   6/12/2015 11:39:34 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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As for being targeted.. I ponder more and more if its really a DNA war. I see more and more people with certain traits going down with m"mystical" illness, as CFS/ME and chronic diagnosis, often mostly Lyme + multiple infections + toxic overload etc.

The point is that most of the increasing % of these individuals seems to be often blond + /blue/green eyed pale skin people, often certain personalities like compassionate and kind etc.

I do not like putting people in boxes, but it seems that some groups of people in society stays clear of the chronic infections and thrives with the chemtrails and toxins. Maybe some of that equation is inside info since birth about vaccines and immune system and certain life "hacks" so to speak. Even though I have a feeling that many of the chemtrails and junk that is spread is spesific for certain DNA.

Often the thoughts goes to the 12 different tribes, the different descendants and who is who in our day and age, something I bet a very few know about and is using to their advantage.

There is also the 13 tribe and on and on about that tinfoil hat issue.


"In the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels are said to have touched down on Earth at Mount Hermon also known as Ba'al Hermon. They were intent on taking human wives and reproducing with them. (Ba'al being one of the fallen angels worshipped as a god). Mt. Hermon is also the location of the highest elevation U.N. base in the world. Why would the United Nation put a base on the top of Mount Hermon?

These human females happened to be Tribe of Dan of the 12 tribes. The offspring were giants, men of renown. As the fallen angels DNA became further hidden in the pool of human population, secret societies were formed to group the fallen angel DNA together, thus the Freemasons, Illuminati, ect, were born.

People with fallen angel DNA in their past are the rulers, the police, the celebrities, the zionists, the rich, the judges, the elite, the masons, ect. The rest of us are the lost tribes. The fallen angel DNA people are naturally violent and oppressive and toxic. Thus why life just doesn't make sense to some people. Were stuck in the Tribe of Dan's version of the world."

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