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For Lil'MissLatvia, feedback from alt health therapist i CA by #39806 ..... Parasites: Skin Support

Date:   6/7/2015 2:08:53 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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//-- Got this from sending a PM/mail to a good naturopath/research therapist in CA, reposting the data raw for my friend who's written about in the above thread

I was just going to quiz u about the free download site I sent.
I reveived Tennants new book, They call it an atlas and its a medium sized coffee table book w great color close up full page anatomy shots, showing the muscles, nerves and advised points of testing and administering voltage. Tips, more assistence in treatment protocol ect.
Its super helpfull and really energises the whole reality.
Theres not a lot of writing but what there is includes his further research on all this, with very pertainant corrections from his original ideas.

He also mentions making a homeopathic rememdy out of ones own urine, so thats also cool, since Ive always felt UT fit w his thesis.

// Notes written to me about Dr. Tennant, eye surgeon with a background of excellent results using alternative health therapies for multiple ailments, and who documents it scientifically 

So no Docs said Hives? It sounds like a precurssor hives rash. Which ive always felt was subpar cellular inability to exhaust waste, often triggered by  sulfites but thats cause they are so toxic and while many can pass them easily, if we are cellularly congested it can seem this is all we need to deal w but actually its only a canary in the mine, sign.

I'd say her blood stream is congested from inadequate digestion and over eating. If she is suppressing the acid because of the reflux than she is contributing to the problem, cause acid reflux isnt an over abundance of stomach acid problem(as I figure u know) but a lack, so taking any regular meds which stop the discomfort, severly complicates the issues and so the blood stream becomes noticable congested and the rash is evidence of mild toxemia, trying to escape.

(Fat cells become congested with toxins from too much wrong digestion in intestines, toxins flow further away from liver, up to bloodstream, then lymph nodes, then out via sweat, irritates skin because toxins hurt!)

Id say first, stop eating protein for at least a few days.
Perhaps start a diet that is in snyc w "Food Combining" with above normal doses of all the complex of digestive enzymes.

Tho a mono fruit diet would be best and supreme.(read Ehret)

Remember no unhealthy fats, no pasturized protein, as this is what contributes to cellular ineffieciency evan if we arent obviously congested

Or one meal a day, and of course w proper digestive enzymes and no suppressing of acid (which shoudlnt occur anyway if the supplements are right)

Multiple oz of morning UT (oral urine therapy) would be great also, just wild for most people evan to consider. Yet the power of UT while fasting or on a fruit fast is noticable positve quickly. The only caveat being the state of pollutedness we are dealing with. So it may take some mental pursuasion to face the pain, but to ignore it-------------

I wouldnt be concerned w any parasites at this point, to me it sounds like normal over eating while having serious digestive problems that have polluted her blood and if not checked will eventually create chronic side affects, confusing the whole issue.

Take Iodine orally, u know the caveat on skin painting, evan if its all u can do right now.

The coughing is not helpfull and may be secondy related but may complicate any therapy unless its approached directly.

Remember Tennant advises to raise our system voltage in any way we can(our bodies already doing ot if we are ill, but we can contribute by: fresh foods, EXERCISE, earth connecting (Aka grounding, barefoot walks on grass, electric current recharging), people connecting (get out to church, good friends and company) ect ect (i had tendonitis last week in my foot and I used the Biomodulator for a few hours w great relief)

Any anti bacterial may assist, like Iodine or Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ( if u can figure out how to use the sodium chlorite uve mentioned as being available close by, it would be superior for the overall system, but dont forget we need to be eliminating well also, when using a powefull oxidiser)

but if she stops assisting the congestion her system should deal with it fairly quickly and if not ,its good info about what is really happening., and what to do next.

Actually she sounds textbook, congested blood from over eating(3 meals a day, sheesh), incomplete digestion, and not correcting quickly any symptom she has noticed, thus the situation becomes as u describe.

Hmmm First thoughts. Best to u all. Let me know (KplzTHX, love clear info! :-D )



// Second note from Vai concerning helpful materials against the probz

Dont forget herbs (burdock root and other blood cleansers, and havent u mentioned Pau de Arco, its great) as teas or baths are helpfull too and the cayenne Tincture can only help.

Castor oil packs are superlative, but we need to do a regimin for at least 4 days a week for a few weeks and they are certainly theraputic on a big way for the liver. She can evan smear it on and cover it w plastic wrap as u mightve noticed Ive mentioned before, and sleep w it.

(In danish, Paulo D'arco is called Ipe Roxo tea. It is an earthy herbal tea, a little stronger-tasting than chamomille, but very good! In south america the tree it is from is called Lazpacho.

Castor oil packs are the business of soaking a wool rag in castor oil, wrapping up in warm blankets, and then laying the oily rag over the liver area (right side under breasts), with a heating pad on top, so that the castor oil soaks into the skin and helps the liver.

Dandylion root (mælkebøtterod) and holy thistle seeds (marietidsel) are the least expensive blood cleansers here in denmark, and are drunk as bitter teast. Extremely helpful is also chickory root (cickorie rod), which is also drunk as a tea. It is very bitter. Dandylion is slightly bitter, and holy thistle is milky and gentle. ) 


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