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FMT alone may not be enough for people with severe dysbiosis by White Shark ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/4/2015 3:48:30 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Have you done any liver flushing?

You can not cure your colon without healing your liver, and you can not cure your liver without healing your colon and your diet.

One or just a few Liver Flushes is not enough for most people with severe dysbiosis.

Also, just 10 FMT transplants may not be enough for most people with severe dysbiosis.

Some people with severe dysbiosis have gone over several months of FMT, doing it every day or every second day or every third day.

Every person is different.

What do you know about the FMT donor?
How fresh was feces? Was it frozen before you got it, or was it fresh, taken the same day?
Was it always the same donor, or have you received the feces from several different donors?

Some people have seen huge difference in using 100% fresh feces, not older than 6 hours, in comparison to using something that have been frozen or kept longer time.

Other practitioners have seen huge difference in using different donors.

Some people speculate that donors blood type should match the recipient, to have the best possible results.

Also, a donor that has never ever used Antibiotics or any other medications is considered far better than the donor that has used it in the past.

Some people even speculate that the best donors are people who have never been vaccinated, as vaccines have ability to affect microbiota.

In other words, it is impossible to know, at this time, who is the best donor without trying it.

It is try an error.

It appears that not all recipients are compatible with all donors, almost like blood transfusion, just not as exact, and far more sensitive, cause you are getting the live bacteria, it is more like biological warfare.

Learn how to prepare a Fecal Transplant Enema at home.

When doing it at home, you are far more flexible, you do not depend on clinics, you don't need money, you can change donors if several are available, you can change timing, you can sometime even influence donors diet if it is your family member, etc.


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