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Re: Sensations in head, sinuses and throat by pranaman ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   6/1/2015 9:58:55 AM ( 29mon ago)
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@joegrane, thanks for the suggestion. It's not really a metal taste though, it's this really noticeable cold sensation, also sometimes a kind of prickly sensation on the back of my throat and tongue. I don't know if it's a damaged nerve or what.

I have been going to an ND, and among other things, he says I have some adrenal and gut issues.

Also, I wake up with these bad sinus and head feelings, sometimes weird dreams.


per "Sounds most likely dental-have you ever seen a biological dentist?
Do you have root canals or fillings? Any trauma to the mouth?"

I have 3-5 Amalgam fillings, 1 or 2 porcelain fillings, never had a root canal.

Mouth trauma - I've had a few. Once, about 28 years ago, as kid I flew off a moped, and landed on my face and shoulder.

I've been going to the gym, working out, then to the sauna, hoping the heat will stop and remove this bad stuff and I also hike once or twice a week.

I used to have a zapper, per Hilda Clarke's book, but it's not working very well. It may be broken.

I also think it's papers, my notes, I think there's something on them. May sound weird, but I think that has a lot to do with what is going on. I am trying to convert them into digital format.

I also run 2 air purifiers, seems like a lot... thanks again, still open to solutions.

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