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Re: Day 1: Butt pee, Diapers, and Extreme Binge Eating (Not for the squeamish...graphic detail) by KewlKitti ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   12/11/2004 5:45:56 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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sorry to hear of your first day experience, but there is always another day. i do the following, see if you can follow some...

1) think of it one day at a time. just tell yourself, i can get thru this day, it's only ONE day after all. i can go without food for just ONE day

2) when you are tempted, convince yourself that these foods will still be there at the end of your fast. you are just postponing it for health reasons. if you knew that a glazed donut was going to put you into a diabetic shock would you eat it just cause you lacked the self control? or if you were allergic to milk, would you steal a taste of ice cream just cause you could?

3) sniffing really works! i have been sniffing EVERYTHING!!! somethings i sniff (like lays potato chips, my downfall) i about gagged and wanted to yak cause they smelled like just PURE OLD grease - other things? well it was enough to satiate the temptation - what do they say? eating is 90% smell

4) always keep a water bottle with you. drink when you get the urge to eat, i have read time and time again that so many folks confuse hunger pains with thirst pains.

hope that helps, and success to your journey for good health!


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