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Re: this is progress? by Cautious Guinea Pig ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   5/22/2015 9:12:48 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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If you went to the hospital they would give you an antihistamine and some antibiotic to prevent an infection. The antibiotic does nothing for the enzymatic poison. You can take an antihistamine or some Quercetin yourself for hundreds of dollars less. They only help a little if you are alergic to something in the venom.
Basically the hospital system has absolutely nothing they know to do that is effective for treating a brown recluse bite at this time.

Here is my testimonial:
My son came to me saying he had been bitten by a brown spider. He and his brother saw the brown spider on his arm. By the time they told me about it (I work second shift and don't see them much) there was already a large white pimple surrounded by a hard swollen red area. It already looked like all the brown recluse bite photos on the web. The bite was on the back of his upper arm just about an inch above his elbow.

I quickly got online to see what could be done.
I quickly found out:
Don't waste your time and money going to a doctor or Emergency room.
Some people use Activated Charcoal, but it is slow and you often still get a lot of damage from the bite.
I found that bites near joints were especially bad and often could even lead to amputations.
So I kept looking until I found a comment by some guy who mentioned that his Chemistry teacher had commented that brown recluse venom enzymes were mildly alkaline and could be destroyed with a weak acid.
I also had read that some folks had good results from DMSO.
So I decided to use the DMSO and some Apple Cider Vinegar to treat my son.

I gave him a benedryl just to let my wife know I'd given him all that a hospital visit would have done, and then put the acid and DMSO on his bite. His little arm was so tiny and skinny that the bite covered the entire back side of it. The bite never got worse after that first application. The next day I poked the pimple with a needle and squeezed out the pus. and applied some more acid and DMSO. the swelling was already reduced. After that it just healed up by itself and didn't leave a mark. I think I put a drop of Iodine on after I lanced the big pimple to keep it from getting infected.

I used some 99.9% DMSO that I had diluted down to 50% with water and aloevera juice to keep it from having a harsh drying effect on the skin.

The morals of this disaster prevented are:

Be Prepared! I already had DMSO, ACV, Iodine, Vitamin-C and a host of other alternative medicines on hand, because I dabble in improving my health beyond the status quo of stagnated allopathy.

Do your own health research! Don't go to some doctor who went to medical school and learned that "there really is nothing you can do but ease the pain and prevent a secondary infection until the body heals on its own." Doctors can get in trouble for prescribing unaproved treatments, but often there are unaproved treatments that work far better than what they are allowed to do. Further more look for the alternative treatment with the best results. from astrology to voodoo and all over the map there are alternatives, but you have to read between the lines and see which ones are giving the most credible and reliable results. If most of the Amazon reviewers are not claiming it to be a miracle supplement, it probably isn't, but if more than a hundred say it works, it probably did for most of them.

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