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Parasite cleanse and Lab results by #193622 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/2/2015 10:15:23 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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So, after passing a large tapeworm in February, some stones and a few smaller worms and unknown content I went to a specialist on parasites and tropical diseases. I had stool tests and blood tests done which have now returned to me (the tests I had done were FBC. ESR, CRP, U&E's, ALT, LFT, blood glucose, TSH. Stool microscopy, faecal PCR for giardia, cryptosporidium, entamoeaba histolytica. Serology for entamoeba histolytica, strongyloides, fasciola, toxocara, trichinella, filaria, cysticercosis, hydatid).

My main worry was whether I had more tapeworm and possible hydatid because I have an enlarged liver and spleen, and cysts on my kidneys. Everything came out negative, apart from some liver and thyroid values being off. Unfortunately because I was so grossed out at the worms coming out of me that I couldn't even think of touching it I did not save anything until many weeks later, after many cleanses when I did not have too much come out.

A lot of people post photos of the "liver flukes" (tomatoe skins). I passed exactly the same so I brought a couple of them with me to the lab. They are exactly what they are nicknamed: tomatoe skins. Nothing to do with flukes.

I also brought a bunch of "black specks" that I had in the stool in large volume and couldn't figure out what they were (many other readers have the same and no one seem to have figured out what it is). They too were from food/spices and nothing to do with eggs, parasites or worms.

There were some other substances that I was not sure what they were and they turned out to just be vegetable remains.

The 'soft' stones/cholesterol/bile balls I brought to the lab were not stones, although this may be a bit misrepresented as I did indeed pass rock hard small stones but only after the first liver and bile cleanse. The second and third cleanse I passed nothing except some soft yellow balls. I unfortunately saved none of the really hard stones. I did save the "soft" balls which seem to be the result from thickened olive oil that pulled some bile with it. These "balls" however, begin to melt if they are kept in heat or room temp.

I have no signs of any parasites or worms in any stool tests. 

Although I am thrilled that my 10 weeks of cleansing and deworming (2 days per week) has really worked and cleaned things up, and I indeed see nothing unusual pass from my behind anymore, I do feel a bit bad because I think the doctor may not believe that I actually passed a tapeworm which is 100% true. I passed a tapeworm that was at least 6-8 ft long. I also passed two slivers from it a week later. It shocked me a lot because I don't eat meat. But then, I have worked in poor countries so I could very well have been contaminated. And we often had stomach bugs and many of my colleagues had parasites. To him it probably appears as if I am lying, but to me it merely proves that the herb tincture cleanse really works.

So, the moral story is: some of that weird stuff that we think are flukes and so on, are not parasites or worms but vegetable matter or other food matter.

So keep cleansing and flushing the stomach, liver and gallbladder and it will probably clean out nasty stuff without the need of medicines. 

Hope this info is helpful to some of you.



Here's some images (not mine) to give a visual example of what I passed and what was brought to the lab:

Soft bile/cholesterol balls - no parasites:

This is not "liver flukes" but vegetable matter:  



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