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Re: Combining Neem and bitter melon with parasite cleansing herbs: Any potential adverse reaction? by linenup ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/20/2015 6:09:36 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Neem is a great and overlooked antiparastiic and bitter melon has great Antibiotic properties as well. I have taken combinations of these for some time without problems. I like Western Botanicals anti parasitic as well as the ayurvedic parasite formula by Banyan Botanicals. Black peppercorns contain piperazine which will act like an anesthesia for the worms.


I believe that piperine and black pepper itself is the number one way to get rid of parasites and to limit getting one. Here are some protocols and information about parasite infections on my site.

Piperine is used both in the treatment of parasites and worms in animals and as a medication in the treatment of schizophrenia in humans. One of the proposed theories of schizophrenia is that it might be caused by a parasite infection. It has even been implicated that some patients develop schizophrenia because they have become infected with the common parasite T. Gondii.

If this correlation is based in truth, then a simple biopiperine extract in supplement form can be very useful in treating parasite infections. Piperine is a natural alkaloid of piperidine found in black pepper. It has been shown to eliminate parasite populations with less side effects than that of piperidine drugs.

The exact mechanism of action for piperineís elimination of parasites isnít currently known. It has been theorized that piperine might cause paralysis in parasites by increasing the permeability of schistosome cell membranes. This increase in permeability causes an influx of calcium ions into the cell membranes, which may cause the parasites to become dislodged from the site of action and eventually be killed by phagocytosis (engulfing by white blood cells). Piperine might also decrease adenosine uptake by the parasites. The lack of adenosine uptake by the parasites creates mitochondrial disruption and massive amounts of oxidative stress, which causes the parasites to tire to the point of death.

Piperine can increase the absorption of supplements and medications and should be taken 2 hours before or after ingestion of any medicines and supplements. The reason for time precautions in piperine ingestion is to decrease the chance of a possible overdose caused by too much concentration of a medication or supplement in the blood.


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