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Re: Confused:( Die-off symptoms or not?? NEED HELP! by slowsmile ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/10/2015 11:33:46 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi Muravey....I'm actually astonished that we agree on so much. Yes I agree with you that Big Pharma are useless at curing systemic candida. Yes, hydrogen peroxide is very useful, but unfortunately it only lasts for about one hour in the body whatever dose you take before the body quickly acts to gets rid of it. And because HP is an oxidant, HP will react with any anti-oxidant in the body and they will neutralize each other for no benefit -- this makes HP very diffiicult to use effectively together with other anti-oxidant protocols like Vitmain C in an anti-candida protocol.

You also mention that you must get rid of the candida in the deep tissue which I also agree with. But my thinking is slightly different here. As I've said in the book, Candida can exist in the blood as the hyphal or fungal form whereas the yeast form mainly inhabits locally in the intestines, skin, uterus etc. I have also come to the conclusion, and I have no evidence at all for this,  that in systemic candida -- where you have both the fungal and yeast forms infecting your body at the same time -- that one of these forms will generally dominate. If the yeast form dominates, its usually much easier to get rid of the candida. But if the fungal form dominates your body then this form of candida is much harder to kill or eradicate. This also, I think, agrees with your deep tissue opinion and perhaps this might be the form that you have. This is where taking either Gymnema sylvestre tea  or undecylenic acid will benefit you -- because both of these nutrients strongly inhibit the reproduction and morphing of the yeast form into the more virulent fungal form.  

Lastly, I must again mention Methylation issues. If you have a methylation cycle blockade causing gene aberrations or mutations then this means that no matter what candida protocols you take -- you will never recover because you first must correct these methylation issues. If you have gene aberrants caused by methylation issues then this can mean that your white blood cells, blood and brain cells are working at about 30% efficiency(due to the gene aberrations). And this means that your body's immune system and detox system are effectively and permanently at rock bottom and you will have no energy and your mood and mental state will also be adversely affected. This is why you should investigate these methylation issues for yourself. Like I said, if you don't resolve these serious methylation cycle issues first then it really wont matter what other nutrients you take -- you will never recover. 


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