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Re: Herbs vs Drugs for bad scattering by oceanlife ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   4/10/2015 1:12:17 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I'll be writing a book on how to kill parasites so that is why it's so lengthy. I am very passionate about this. It ruined my life, and I suffered for decades from not knowing what was happening to me. I am not saying all this information is perfect for you, I have studied nutritional and spiritual healing for years now, and I can say that with my thorough research, I have implemented strategies with traditional, modern, spiritual, and ancient healing therapies that achieve results.

I've copy pasted some of the info from another comment I made previous, sorry if it seems impersonal, it's important information, and I want to give you and everyone all the details:

Here's why drugs don't work. When you take the pills, they probably kill some of them, maybe even all of them, however when you are not clearing and improving the environment, the parasites will keep re-occurring, theyíll come back for sure, because with the pills, itís always a quick fix, and not a wholistic solution. Many levels of healing need to occur for a parasitic removal. Also drugs are synthetic, and they are unnatural similar to the unnatural way of having worms and bugs living in us. Because our dna has changed from synthetics, caused by the foods we eat, the gmos and chemicals, and all our cleaning, hygiene products, unnatural substances, and pollutions, our body requires it to be in an unnatural condition, and then the synthetic condition we are plagued with invites these unnatural illnesses and diseases. This goes the same with mental programming, trauma, and many other countless conditions we are being subjected to. This can change, with a natural solution. and also, if we change and activate our dna, we will become immune to the synthetic dna, that these worms created.

This is why if you go the drug route it may always seems like a quick fix, that is not going to work over time, because we must deal with the reason why they are inhabiting our space to begin with.

I think humaworm is a good product, however I feel like, they are not effective with the doses, and then stopping for an entire 30 days afterward, is problematic, because the herbs at that minute level may not have the potency to kill all of them, including the eggs. I mean, sure, its a good product, however you also have to figure the way they are fitting a long list of herbs put together, sometimes herbs formulated in that way fight against each other when combining so many herbs, so then it lessens the potency even more.

I am not doubting that the product works or not, however I even read a humaworm employerís comment, and there was hesitancy when they said, "you must stop for 30 days and hopefully the eggs won't hatch and grow into adults." I wouldn't trust any product where this kind of doubt is involved, and I wouldn't want to depend on this one product to fix any ailment.

Herbalist Hanna Kroeger says, ďwith disease or illness, there is always a root, and many additional causes as to why we become diseased, so naturally we must fix and solve the problem with many variant remedies and solutions.Ē With this being the case, taking a pharmaceutical drug, can disrupt the wholistic cycle, unless you want to depend on one formula alone, this is why re-occuring may most likely happen also.

I have had a serious systemic parasitic infection, pinworms, ascaris, flukes are some that I have identified so far. I am a month into a serious cleanse, and have been made very ill from the die off, however because of the intensity from which I am using different remedies could be why I am killing them all, and having a degree of serious success. As far as I can tell, I was having a serious issue with them rummaging around in my head, and various other parts of my body, and they were making those swift, jerky movements. Now, theres only a couple left in my head, barely moving, on it's way to a slow death.

We are all going to have different opinions and ways of killing these things, and because we are unique, you'll intuitively find your own remedy, but I can give you some remedies that has worked and is still working for me.

You can't do everything in one day, however over the course of time, at least do several of the most important things.

Diet: These are the foods I live off of mostly on the cleanse. If you eat carbs and sugar, this can support them staying alive.

Pomegranate and cranberry juice
Aloe vera, fresh leaf blended in water
pumpkin seeds 1/2 c- 1 c a day
onion soup, with coconut oil
large salads with flax or olive oil
steamed or raw vegetables
grated carrot
omelettes eggs stirred clockwise in one direction
freshly prepared juices: celery, cucumber, carrot, green apple, cranberry, greens, etc.
coconut milk 2-4 glasses a day
chia seed mixed with water
flax seed

Herbal teas: look into the bulk section at your local health store, buy several different kinds in small portions, and used them through out the day, alternating. Herbs elevate your vibrations.

After the cleanse, you are going to want to stay on an anti-candia, mostly raw diet. Study the anti-candida diet, and do not consume any sugar, unless it;s plant based like stevia or erithrytol.

if you have to eat meat, boil it. You may be too sensitive, wild caught fish is better than meat, still have to limit your portions or not eat it at all, there's a lot of bacteria in flesh foods so if you find alternatives, go that way. your body cannot digest meat because the parasites caused the leaky gut, and the liver damage, etc.

take enzymes: take a lot of enzymes, these kill parasites, they disintegrate the lining of the worms and bugs. you can eat enzyme foods like pineapple and papaya.
take the chewable tablets, or an actual supplement.

Immune system, anyone with an with a parasite infection has a faulty immune system.
Eat nutritionally balanced foods, take onion infusions and onion soups. Try echinacea tea, and take selenium mineral supplement, etc.

2.5-3 weeks into the cleanse I started working with frequencies. I didn't have any money to buy a zapper, so I went on youtube and discovered a ton of binaural, isochronic, solfeggio,rife, frequencies that disturb and slowly but surely kill the parasites among other things like bacteria and fungus.

Here is a list of all the frequencies with the corresponding ailments:

Hereís one of the parasite frequency cleanses:

I was and still at some points listening to them several hours a day, and I mean several, including dna activation music. if you improve your dna cellular makeup that also supports your emotional dna, and the emotional release, emotional release that gets stuck in the body cause acidity, and this again keeps the parasite environment alive.

If you have pinworms, or an itchy anus, take a clove of garlic and insert it in your anus 24/7, change cloves after each bowel movement. I've seen dead worms stuck and hovering on the garlic clove countless times, it works more efficiently if you puncture the clove, or cut a small chunk from the top.

Have you looked into 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide?
This is the ultimate treatment for parasites, equivalent to herbs and frequencies. I take it at least once a day.

Here's what I have:

There are many uses, I drink 1 or two times a day, 18-25 drops diluted in a large glass of water. You'll get sick, its immediate die off.
Whatever you do, don't give up, it means it's working. You have to take it on an empty stomach, you'll get intensely nauseous if you take it sooner than 2-3 hours prior to eating.

h202 is cheap, and its one of the fastest not easiest ways to rid you of parasites. It's tough because you get nauseous from the die off, so worth it though! I've put 5-10 drops in an enema, and a ton of mucus came out each time. The stuff works, and it's poison if you take it incorrectly, like anything else.

If you have tons of bacteria, pathogens, fungus, the parasites need this environment in order to stay alive. Eradicate the toxic environment with hydrogen peroxide.

If you are in a lot of die off pain, don't exercise, you're too weak, and you need complete rest and relaxation, however small walks would help your oxygen, get your blood circulating etc. Listen to your body. Light stretching, yoga, and deep breathing is important.

If you have any toxic stress of emotion, they feed off of that, so eliminate all disruption, all emotional disturbance that could support emotional, or stress. Surprisingly, they can feed off the emotions of other people, so watch out for that. When people are being full of emotions, you are still not releasing the emotion in that moment, it is being suppressed. There is a difference between having a moment of emotions and stress, and having an emotional release. An emotional release is when you are in a quiet, safe, space, not disturbed, and deep breathing, and literally exorcising the emotions out, with no control or resistance. This is a perfect way to get your body in a more balanced state, and the worms and bugs can't live in a peaceful environment.

In regards to herbs scattering:

I was getting the same impression at one point however think about it, when you drink a glass of water, it permeates through your entire body it does not stay in the gut, this like everything we put in our body, the nutrients spread throughout the body, we'd have dead limbs if they didn't.

The herbs may have made them scattered, or they could have already been living in various parts of the body, comfortably. Many parasites live in and stay in the brain, think about how much nutrition gets signaled and used in our brain. The can feed off our thoughts, or programmed thoughts from a collective consciousness. These parasites also have a lot of correlation between etheric parasites, non-physical negative entities.

I've seen what several bottles of the Black-Walnut tincture can do with the herbs. You have to take the high dose cancer treatment dose, with something like a systemic parasitic infection.

You can take the high dose up to 6 weeks or more, and then taper off and continue with other herbs, and a ton of other remedies. These herbs are very potent if used accurately and enough.

If you have systemic parasites, its more than likely your body has several other parasites, and you are suffering at a cancer level. Cancer is caused by parasites. So you'll need to work with a high dose.

The advanced para cleanse with Hulda Clark ís prescribed formula:
10 caps clove per day, before meals if its convenient, i never had much luck taking them 13 min before each meal, however if you can, this would be part of the treatment plan
10 caps Wormwood
2 teaspoons or as much as 2 ounces of green hull Black-Walnut tincture per day.

I take the caps or clove and Wormwood all at once. I take the walnut tincture at a separate time. Always on an empty stomach though.

the Hulda Clark store provides the herbs in bulk or caps, and i wasted time and money for the first week or so using the Black-Walnut tincture that was not green at a local natural food store. Hulda Clark store has the green hull tincture, thats actually green.

Some days I would take a 2 oz bottle a few teaspoons every hour, this was doing some serious work.

The beginners cleanse is never going to work for a systemic parasitic infections, neither is popping a couple of pills and keeping a Sugar or casual diet that is not compliant to killing the parasites. You know what your body can tolerate.

Herbs are vibration, they work on the entire body, they permeate the entire body similar to homeopathy, yes most of the work is being done in the gut because thats where they are being administered, but because the gut is where most of the damage its focusing on all of its energy to repair the gut, once the gut is cleared, it has easier access to move and work on other areas. The gut is like the brain of the body, it reaches and extends out to the rest of the body. With my understanding, herbs are not simply scattering the parasites. Herbs work on multiple subtle levels, and not only the nutritive properties, also the vibration and energy of the herb, along with the flower essence of the herb, and spiritual properties of the herb. Taking the beginners dose is a joke for something as serious as a systemic parasitic infection.

After a few weeks following the herbal program: take ozonated olive oil and l-cyteine. I never used the ozonated olive oil, still need to purchase it, however itís part of huldaís treatment, and I do take the cysteine, 2-3 caps 3xís a day. Take the bottle of cystein and donít buy another bottle, because after 6 weeks, it could be toxic.

I also learned that I started praying. I never use to pray and never ever took it seriously. I am not religious, however I am spiritual. I was praying everyday for 2 weeks non-stop for 30 min a day, and I believe that lead me to find my answer, that I had parasites.

I am still on the path of recovery, and there are still dead worms and parasites in my stool. For having had parasites since I was a child, now 29, I am sure the recovery is going to take at least 2-4 months, however with the rapid pace that I am going I believe my chances of recovery are soon. I have made serious results, and Iím on my way 100% positive results. I only share this with you, because I know what it feels like to be desperate for ďthe cureĒ, and it takes many elements and remedies, and complete change of lifestyle to get them relinquished. This covers most not all of the treatment program that I am doing, however this is the basis, and I can say that itís working very efficiently.


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