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Re: Stones STUCK in liver/gallbladder - HELP by Plathinator ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/7/2015 5:04:52 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Dear Oceanlife,

Thank you so much for your lovely message of encouragement. I absolutely agree that the liver is the seat of a lot of emotion - the past year or so has meant a LOT of purging and releasing of emotional memories, and bringing love and acceptance to different facets of my being. I actually wouldn't take back this whole journey if I had the option, it has just transformed me into such a different person and I appreciate it every day for that. Meditation and breath work has been key in surviving the challenges of the physical and emotional journey... I do use yoga occasionally and really enjoy it. For some reason the bach binaural videos would not play for me but I will try playing them on my laptop.

I have always been super intrigued by acupuncture, reflexology etc and yet have not yet tried them for my liver issues. Perhaps this is the time... Do you have any opinions on which might be most effective to try first?

I am loading up on kefir and good baceria now that I have finished my first humaworm course. I'm also using the vibrating massager on my gallbladder each day. I LOVE coconut oil and practically lived on it when I was too unwell to eat. Brilliant stuff.

This really has been a journey of discovering faith - the truest, clearest most pristine faith that you find when you've been knocked back too many times to count and you begin to transcend desperation... There's nothing left now but to have faith and my belief that this is going to work out is stronger every day. Things got so bad that I didn't know how life could continue but I'm beginning to see meaning in all of this. I have recently started selling delicious raw vegan desserts at local markets and the reception has been awesome! I have set up a facebook page (Eaten Alive Raw Superfoods) and its given me a new lease on life to be able to use my experience to facilitate something good for everyone. :)

Thanks again

Much love

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