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Re: Metabolism by BTurcotte ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   11/24/2004 8:52:12 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Thank you Pepe and SC for your responses. My reason for doing the fast is not to lose weight. I fully expect that any weight I lose I am likely to regain. I am perfectly ok with that. My fear is that I may harm my metabolism in a permanent way. My hope is that the cleanse might improve my metabolism. What I am looking for is a way to improve my metabolism or to prevent myself from slowing it further coming off the cleanse.

I am asking a lot of questions now but unfortunately I will not be doing any cleanses until the spring at the earliest. I injured myself playing hockey in August. The result was that I had to have 3 ligaments replaced in my knee. I have finally regained enough structural strength in my knee to start pushing myself in rehab. I will be going back to work in 2 weeks so I have lots of time left to research what it is I would like to do to improve my health in the future.

The reason I won't be doing a Master-Cleanse now is that I don't want to risk doing anything that will affect my energy levels as I rehab my knee. However, having said that, my knee has tons of scarred tissue in it preventing me from getting full range of motion. I have been regaining about 5 degrees of motion a week and am now at 95 degrees (approx 40 degrees to go for full range I believe). I do wonder if the bodies ability to heal itself on an extended fast might also assist in breaking up the scarred tissue in my knee. I also wonder if the Master-Cleanse would help the body regenerate a damaged nerve. Along with the destroyed knee I severly bruised the peroneal nerve causing a dropped foot. The dropped foot is causing my recovery to go slowly so if there is reason for me to believe that the Master-Cleanse might assist in bring my foot back to life I would immediately go on it. If anyone has any thoughts on that I would appreciate it.

The main reasons I wish to do a MC (in the spring) are as follows:

1. To rid myself of the small rashes that break out on my face (possibly eczema) and improve my skin all around
2. Improve digestion and hopefully my slow metabolism as well
3. Help the body repair a damaged shoulder
4. Hopefully remove any scarred tissue left in my knee
5. General maintenance for my body

Losing weight would be a nice side effect for me but it is not my main focus. My main concern and thus my questions is that I might end up gaining weight in the end and that is something I dont want to have happen. If there is a way of possibly preventing that by doing something as I take the MC I would do like to know.

I do intend to keep up with the gym for as long as I am unable to play any sports (2 years). My rehabing of my knee will likely take me well into the spring anyway.

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