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Re: Has anyone ever been helped by adaptogens...ever?!? by phoenixceliac ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/24/2015 9:02:07 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I understand about wanting a local dr., but I recommend Dr. McHaney who is here in Arizona over the guy you plan to see. Only because Dr. McHaney has been doing this for many, many years and was healed through NB. I don't know anything about the person you have called, but I did check out his site and have concerns about "what else" he might throw at you. Also, years of experience speak volumes. So call him tomorrow.

Supplements will be part of the program along with diet, detox procedures ( coffee enemas and sauna therapy), mild exercise, rest, etc. Many people wire themselves through intense exercise, and that will hurt much more than help. Often, wired people are really exhausted people who need help slowing down. You may end up feeling very tired on this program, but that will be a good thing. It will give your adrenals a chance to heal.

My symptoms were migraines and fatigue. I had seen neurologists about the migraines, had been treated for hypothyroidism, etc. Unfortunately, migraines are so common now that drs. don't think they are a big deal. But chronic pain of any kind is!! I came to NB in bad shape, but I didn't think so because I had been told migraines were common, and I just hadn't found the right preventive med.

My very first test revealed super high copper, a calcium shell, very low phosphorous, low zinc, etc. Low phosphorous indicates poor digestive ability.

I've seen major improvements in dumping copper even though I'm still not normal. Many of us are born copper-toxic because our mothers are so the liver is quite congested with copper. That seems to be the case with me. coffee enemas have made a gigantic difference in helping clear my liver. I've seen liver flukes and stones come out. Also, lots of parasites. I had no idea I had any! As I have eliminated many of them, my phosphorous has come up nicely.

My healing has been slow, but I have "stayed the course" and am reaping the benefits. I didn't get ill overnight so getting well overnight isn't happening, either.

I sleep very well most nights. Copper dumps can cause me to be more wakeful at times. Often extra calcium supplements help.

You will get to a place where your sleep cycles are normal. Just be patient. The body will heal in its own time once the right program is being followed.

Drs. Wilson and McHaney have many years of experience in their own healing and bringing healing to others. They are also best friends, which is interesting. You can trust their advice. I find Dr. McHaney very kind and encouraging to my husband and me. We are both doing the program. He wasn't in nearly the bad shape I was in, but he had some things going on that needed addressing. He's making good progress, too.

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