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Re: Has anyone ever been helped by adaptogens...ever?!? by Piuma ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/23/2015 8:08:23 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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When you say you had unstable cortisol you mean that they went high and low during the course of a day or do you mean that the levels were so insufficient you were not able to function.

When you say you couldn't walk or breath or finish a sentence. Was it from anxiety or from the feeling you were going to pass out b/c you were so tired.

What other symptoms do you have? Insomnia? Anxiety? Fatigue? Wired but tired?

What supplements did you try and what were their effects?

In the end do you reject all glandular and supplement support in favor of nutrition? Did you follow any specific method like Kalish or Nutritional Balancing? Psychotropic drugs?

That's what made me post my original question. I have high morning and night - normal during day. They have tried to treat this as a hormonal issue, high cortisol then low cortisol issue. Nothing worked or made it worse. I have been dealing with this since Jan 2014 and literally have not made any progress. I feel as bad today as I did last spring.

Sleeping 10 hours? I would kill just to be able to fall asleep on my own or at least make it past 4 hours a night.

I am beginning to wonder if our bodies (with a few exceptions) wants to be a self-regulating machine and throwing a bunch of supplements at it just confuses it and makes an already impaired system have to work harder to over correct itself.

I rolled my eyes when my ND told me Ashwangnda was an adaptogen and could lower high cortisol and raise it if you needed it. Plu-eaze. As if some random supplement knows the set point of cortisol for your body type and will auto-correct like the temperature control at a nuclear reactor always on the look out for danger. Not buying it.

To curb anxiety I was told to take magnesium...but not too much b/c mag can slow down your adrenals due to its effect on sodium and potassium.

Was told to take an adrenal support..but not too much as it could overstimulate an already overworked SNS system.

My ND is now blaming me when I stop a supplement b/c of a bad reaction as opposed to "sticking thru it".
That's why I am curious to hear from others to see what supplements your tried and how long you were on them before you realized they weren't for you.


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