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Re: Brain stuck in Sympathetic Dominance. by joegrane ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   2/21/2015 9:49:41 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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== Reply below

I definetly know what u mean.
My mind effects the body undoubtely.

== If you drop your computer down the stairs and break the hardware, will a software upgrade fix the problem?!

== Working on your human "software" will also have limited success if your hardware is not working right!

== For example, a guy who has a history of being a reasonably patient man starts snapping at his wife and kids. He has a short fuse at work. He goes to his pastor who investigates for changes in his relationships, environment. He learns that they guy has a nasty toothache and doesn't have the money to get it fixed. I like the odds of the man to go back to the person he was previously after he gets the tooth treated!

== Humans are not angeles without a body. Our body chemistry affects personality and mood.

== I'm a great example. I was once a mild mannered, "nice guy" as a youth and young adult. However in my late 20's I developed ADD that I did not have a kid. My personality changed. I became more competitive, intense, emotionally sensitive, "difficult."

== Fortunately my girlfriend would not give up on me, however I pushed her to her limit. She insisted that unless I went to a doctor we were finished. My Spect brain scan showed my brain was not working like a healthy brain works.

== I responded well to a low dose of a mood stabilizer and ADD stimulant medication--as long as I stayed away from caffeine.

== The semi natural doctor also advised me to take fish oil, lecithin and B vitamins. Later I started taking magnesium and a tiny dose of lithium orotate when it was quite low on my hair test. The combination was surprisingly effective. I was able to gradually wean off of the mood stabilizer. After 1.75 yrs of heavy metal detox my doctor took me off my last medication.

== I personally know 4 people who can feel the difference with a couple of mg of Li orotate in minutes. It takes the edge off of intense, "difficult" personality. Some take a little daily, others just when they feel a need to take the edge off of the feelings.

== A close friend has her personality transformed in 30 minutes with glutamine and GABA. She has a long history of PTSD. She also takes lots of other supplements--MG, Bs, fish oil for brain repair, etc. she also goes to support meetings, has a counselor and meditates daily.

== You see that my friend is supporting mind, body and soul. She is not like Charklee who thinks we are angels and ignores the effect of our hardware on our software.

== Unlike Charklee I don't claim to know what combination of problems are causing your symptoms. I'm just sharing thoughts from experiences of loved ones and theoretical information--chemistry, etc. You can then look into them, discuss them with appropriate medical professionals.

However in my case, the past emotional troubles have undoubtedly been resolved, within and without... However my mind has been sooooo accustom to the hypervigilant sympathetic state that it is 'stuck in stress' as the title says.

I lost calm collected clarity that comes with being parasympathetic dominant. I feel very ungrounded and cant focus an am irritable because my brain is too active.

Feels like a need a tranquilzer because my mind is soo stimulated. Little sounds, creaks, bug me, and little things distract me.

== I can't tell you how much the mood stabilizer, then later, a combo of fish oil, magnesium and lithium turned off those feelings. Please look into them. Mg, Li and GABA might be able to turn off those feelings in hours!

== I don't want to oversimplify. You may have liver problems where you are not processing chemicals such as norepinephrine at a normal rate. You may have gut problems keeping you from absorbing amino acids such as glutamine. You might have a heavy metal component keeping you from retaining Li and Mg at a normal rate plus causing oxidative damage to your cell membranes (made from stuff in fish oil and lecithin). I could go on with the possibilities.

== Don't deprive yourself of possible easy ways to take the edge off of the problem while you work on underlying causes--physical and or psycho-spiritual.

As soon as i wake up from sleep, my SNS mind starts running again.

All i can do right now is the breath groundedly (by 'breathing into my feet') and keep taking my adrenal supplements and magnesium malate.

I hope one day i can wake up PNS dominant and be clear and rested and nonanxious again.

Any furthur advice?
Again... Feels like a need a tranquilzer

== Your local pharmacy will have Epsom Salt (Mg sulfate for production of calming brain chemicals and support for one of the liver pathways) or Mg citrate. The less expensive forms of Mg are not well absorbed and so will mostly just help with constipation. A warm Epsom Salt foot bath in the eve can be a nice part of your way to settle down in the evening.

== Joe

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