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Re: Does fasting increase DNA-repair-mechanism activity? by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   2/19/2015 3:34:47 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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First things first. "losing my mind" is the thing that is most troubling you right now. Please look up "strengthening the midline" + Kam Yuen and this should bring you to an introduction to how to delete the negative effects of emotions and thoughts, etc. that are contributing to, and exacerbating this feeling or sensation of anxiety. . . this is what is creating a scenario of self-perpetuating discomfort, or unease.

If you like what you read in those few amazon pages, you can
purchase a book that's just come out, by Kam Yuen. This will describe how to resolve most anything. so, that's one thing---and in fact, could solve the whole issue for you. Then you work on building yourself up, with some good
things that will assist the body.

Most of the time, what we think is the matter is not the matter. So, much time is spent looking at material things, (and in a state of fear) and ignoring the building blocks of dis-ease, which are often entirely non-physical. This is good news, though!

About the dna-rebuilding. and the benzene. I have a feeling the self-blame around this benzene incident, and/or blaming others is more an issue than the actual substance or lasting damage. But that said, Chrisb1 cured himself of leukemia via water fasting--( and leukemia is said to be one of the potential outcomes to benzene poisoning... ) You can find his posts here I think. It was not a pleasant experience, his first long water fast, since while he was autolizing all that unwanted matter, he was also feeling as if he was 'eating it', which is what can make some very sick people feel like crap, put bluntly, when they water fast. But he was determined, and most importantly, perhaps, had read a lot of prep. matrial, by way of Herbert Shelton and others.

see "the soil and health library" online. Hope it still IS online! Look under "Natural Hygiene" and water fasting. Or search for favourite fasting masters, or authors. Those are all here, on the forum, in the posts of some longtime members. I've kind of forgotten a lot, since it's been awhile since I've been active, but Water Fasting was very good for me.

Personally, knowing what I know now, I agree with some of the "fasting masters", as I call them, when they say, you should Water Fast for the least amount of time you can, to get the most results. Chrisb1 did I think 40 days (?) or maybe it was 30, that first time. Much depends on your mineral stores,
which allow you to Water Fast longer, with less discomfort. This is why it might be preferable to do a very good greens-type juice or raw foods cleansing and rebuilding, followed by a shorter Water Fast of say 10 days.

(ten days is considered to be a good maximum-minimum number for real improvement: it is the days 7-10 that accomplish the most, in a 10 day wfast.) However, even a single day of Water Fasting is good. And some of us have tried the intermittent water fast--one day on/one off, and found that helpful.

I have tended to average one meal a day (or, a five-hour window, out of every 24) since my Water Fasts that began back about 6 years ago. After some good remineralizing, which is what most of us need even MORE than water fasting, a person needs far less food, esp. if it is nutrient-dense.

I think the dna repair is covered in the fasting literature-- it's been awhile since I've done that reading-- but given that Chrisb1 (as one example we know of) was cured of leukemia, i feel pretty confident is saying, to be brief--Yes.

You might also listen to Atom Bergstrom, who is on OneRadioNetwork the first monday of every month--and you can email, or phone in, to ask his advice. He's a wealth of wisdom on health and wholeness, the likes of which most people only have bits and pieces of. Atom Bergstrom also has a website, try googling sun-synch nutrition.....that knowledge is a wonderful companion to water-only fasting.

hope this has made you feel better, and more confident



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