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please help! my 11 year old has eczema. by bayareamom ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   2/1/2015 9:59:08 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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hi, praying someone is able to advise. i am new eczema, my 11 year old daughter recently got diagnosed with it and was given typical treatment (cortisone, strong benadryl).

i want to find the root of the problem, where as the kaiser dr. told me there is not cure blah, blah, blah.

looking back, she started with dandruff about 1 year or so ago, but i thought she was not washing her hair right. then, i started to wash her hair. still had dandruff. i checked her scalp and she had a lot of dry skin/flakes and some redish scabs from where she scratches?

regardless, we did not think about diet changes. still ate process food etc. then, about 1 month or so ago, she got a red patch of red on her upper chest. didn't think nothing of it, thought it would go away on its own. nope. it got worse. changed her diet to a paleo diet and her chest flared a lot. took her to kaiser dr. that is when diagnosis was eczema blah, blah, blah.

now her face is starting to flare too. her chest got better because of the ointment (cortisone which i had to put because it was getting too much etc..). i tried coconut oil, jajoba, almond oil and nothing worked, made it worse, mored red. tried zinc ointment (diaper rash stuff) and she said that it helped with itching. but it did not help clear the rash.

after searching online for natural remedies, i stumbled on this site =). there is a lot of information and it is overwhelming for me, let alone her.

i am hoping that someone can advise on basic things to give her to get her on the right path. i was thinking of doing GAPS diet as well.

what do you think? where should i start. i already took her to do blood test for food allergies . she came back being allergic to garlic (low level), pineapple, cat and dogs and some trees/grass.
but other than that, i have no idea why she is flaring up again when it's been 4 + weeks on paleo! this is hard to determine.

your advise is greatly appreciated! thanks!

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