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Re: Cancer - to do chemo or not by BigBang ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   1/24/2015 3:37:01 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I had a number of ppl around me ie workmates, close friend to name a few.. Who had negative outcomes fr chemo

Obviously yr mom hv had metastasis ..stage what? IV?

72 yo to survive even a surgery is quite a feat. Older ppl tend to hv higher risk on surgery

For me..Its hard to advice on alternative med for this i dont hv any experience on that personally, better ask those who had such experience with metastasized cancer and alt med.. Solid tumours are quite challenging, as i know, even to modern medicine

I do have a precancerous issue at this time...perhaps early stage...doc tend to overlook and typically they treat pt only when they see the cancer at late stage

I can feel it is responding to alt med and im combining with certain drug and nutrition to address the issue

I tend to agree with the Above poster saying that immune function is the core issue that is at hand ...when someone has is due to the failure of immune system to detect and destroy the abnormal cells. I have read a lot more on this issue recently, due to my condition

I think ppl rarely ask why or what is the basic issue abt ppl who had cancer. Although ppl do know that immune failure is part of the reasons..they never ask more. Why does it fail and ow it turn as such? This is not really addressed as a whole

1-Accumulation of Toxin and failure to detox. Toxin can also come fr unhealthy lifestyle such as drinking or smoking. 2-Accumulation or parasites (during lifetime) either bacteria or protozoa or helminth or etc parasites in the body. Recent studies showed that worms can lower our they do that to avoid itself fr being expelled out of the body. Now we know why it stays in the host. They secrete cytokines that trick our immune system. parasites secrete cytokines or proteins that nudge down our immune system. The more parasites one has...the lower immunity in the these parasites may cooperate to stay in the host. Toxins also resuled to failure or lower of our immune system. 3-unhealthy gastro system...never cleaned the gut ..then a lot of old gunks will stick on the walls..then digestion affected...putrefication occurs...and bad bacteria also accumulates. This releases toxins in the gut that can be absorbed.. and put down our immune system. Eventually unclean gut will cause indigestion...then escalate to leaky gut sydrome...then allergic rxn to etc food arises.

So, cancer did not just appear. The basic story is immune system being suppressed due to the above reasons.

Deworming and parasite cleanse, detoxing, cleaning gut...are some things we all need to put on schedule during the year.

I recently did some parasite cleanse (etc antiworm, humawom), along with monolaurin capsules, grape seed extract (meganatural GSE) and vitC supplement. To my own experience, only pureway c worked the best (swansonsvitamins purewayc) many vitC i took during my lifetime didnt give marked skin improvement (not that was intended such thing usually only occur if i take megadoses of normal vitC). Some ppl say vitC in high doses is a good anticancer agent. Solubke vitC may not be good as it may be toxic to the kidney in high doses.

The Grapefruit-Seed-Extract and Monolaurin may also dissolve capsules or slimes protecting parasites in the body. Another good supplement is ubiquinol..this is a supercharge q10 that can help white blood cells activity. Oxygen therapy may be good as cancer dislikes oxygen. Some ppl used ozonate water ..or breath ozone gas that has been passed thru olive oil.

Dimethyl glycine is another supplement that is said to inceprease tissue oxygenation..and cancer hates oxygen

Trimethyglycine is said to help with detoxing function of the liver

Since my condition is related to HPV precancerous issue, i am also now taking Ranitidine. This drug is similar to cimetidine, but cimetidine is not preferred as it has many side effects and drug interactions.

The above drug is said to increase cell mediated immune function,the arm of our immune system that target cancer cellss.. I did not encounter any article mentioning the good part of this drug for other cancers..only hpv related cancer it seems..did not read more for other cancers and cimetidine


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