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Re: Do I have a thyroid problem? Is Lugol's safe? by Ferventer ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   1/24/2015 7:28:55 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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If what you have read about adrenals is in peer revuew journals or from doctors you are rarely going to hear a problem is nutritional. Most docs know little about nutrition, most arent allowed by medical standards or insurance companies to even go down that path with treatment so it makes sense their opinions would be biased.

With that in mind, yes, stress does cause adrenals to overproduce and they become stressed but one of the reasons the body becomes easily stressed is because of poor nutrition. Nutrition is also what allows the body to better deal with the stress.

Now, I can tell you first hand that I was always stressed, never slept deep enough to dream and one of my many problems was adrenal fatigue. I can tell you first hand the docs didnt take my symptoms serious but self treatment with nutrients has done amazing things for my health, both physical and mental. If you spend more time hanging around reading you will see that I am not alone in this and many folks here suffering from suboptimal thyroid function also have adrenal issue and those that have been here for some time and have been their own guinea pig have also made great progress.

So, at the end of the day you have two choices, listen those that have had the problems and fixed them with nutrition OR listen to the majority of docs who dont even believe adrenal fatigue is real and if they did certainly dont believe nutritional supplementation will have any effect.

The thyroid function cascades to all other hormones so amany find that once the thyroid is addressed a lot of the other problems fall in line. That being said the recommendation for addressing suboptimal thyroid function, if done right anyway, actual supplied all of the nutrients to support everything so its likely no coincidence since the full plan supplies the body all the nutrients it needs.

As I mentioned above you will waste more time and money screwing around if you try and isolate problems and target them. The easiest thing to do is simply address your bodies nutritional needs with supplementation and that will give you the support your looking for and then some. When people put blinders on and target organs/glands etc they invariable miss things.

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