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Re: Oil Pulling and Lichen planus by yerr_sister ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   12/23/2014 2:54:48 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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i am doing oil pulling for Lichen planus (Linea alba of the cheek). but i think this is from cheek biting and not bacteria. i have found myself lightly biting down slightly on my right side inside cheek for the past week, and it has developed into the horizontal white line on the inside of my cheek along my inside of bottom lip.

i had this before, when i was under a bit of stress last year and this year same stress and same Linea alba of the cheek, aka Lichen planus.

i started OP with coconut oil 2 weeks ago and my receding gums are healing and starting to grow back. i know the Linea alba/cheek aka lichen planus is not from that, as i did have it last year before i ever started oil pulling.

from what i read it is caused by biting the inside of the cheek area ever so lightly. the white streaking in the mouth is a little scary. last year i did nothing about it after reading it was from biting the cheek, for me from stress and anxiety.

however, this time i am OP at night and in the morning and it appeared anyway, not from the OP but from me holding my cheek, pulling it towards my teeth and i guess i am biting it without realizing.

anyway just wanted to say that it doesn't seem to be anything bacteria related, although it pays to keep your mouth ultra clean cuz biting your cheek could get infected if you put your fingers inside your mouth or don't keep your mouth clean. however, washing the mouth or using alcohol or harsh mouthwash will make it worse and upsets the mucosa, so therefore i feel confident the coconut oil pulling is far superior to do. swishing and gargling for 1 minute with warm Himilayan Pink Sea Salt is soothing after you brush your teeth after oil pulling, so this is what i am doing.

i've had this Linea alba cheek/lichen planus for a few days now, the OP is not making it go away and won't be able to since it is definitely from me holding my mouth off center and biting my cheek. although the OP can keep the mouth clean, but don't flip out and start over brushing or over rinsing because that will just make it worse.

it seems to be a time thing, fix the anxiety and stop holding your bite wrong will be the best way to make it go away. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT IT IS IN YOUR MOUTH AND NOT ON THE OUTSIDE!!

hope this helps.


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